Firefox Addons – That Make Me More Productive

Anybody who knows me, calls me a Firefox freak as I use it almost 90% of the time my laptop is on. So I decided to put in all the tools that makes my Firefox so friendly and productive. Following are the set of add-ons which makes my time(as a blogger and a reader) easier. Have a quick look, you might find some of your choice.

Why Do I Love Firefox

EasyComment – This is the best tool for any blogger or a blog-reader while posting comments on different blogs. It works well with almost all blogs(except those who keeps their form hidden). You will just need to fill in the name, website and email address only once. Every time you wish to comment on any blog post, hit the button and type in the comment, all others will be automatically filled in by this add-on.

Echofon – The best Mozilla add-on for a Twitter addict(in my opinion). Regarding usage, this is the most used add-on for me. You will get everything(related to Twitter) within your browser.

Firebug – One of the most productive tool for a web-developer/designer. Gets everything out of any page, specially if you are dissecting a webpage :). The live editing is also pretty good, showing you the changes(on page) as you change the codes. It gives you every idea of what works within.

ColorZilla – The designing is basically a neat job. We guys, at Ampercent, like to keep things simple and hence do not use images that much in the template. This is why colors had been a primary concern for us to do the styling. This little add-on is the best tool while picking colors from any webpage and adjusting their hex codes as well. It is a pretty nice color-dropper tool.

Adblocker – Ads are annoyances(for a reader) but an absolute necessity(for any web-master). But as I spend most of my time as a reader, I like keeping those silly ads turned off and this add-on does the job for me. But unfortunately, it is not compatible with Firefox 3.6. So, I’m working with AdblockPlus now, not that good, but ya its okay. You have to add the ad-filters manually for this one. I wish the earlier one gets updated soon. :(

Prism – Yet another add-on that I started using as soon as it released. Being a staunch Firefox fan, the idea of not having a (Google Chrome like)”Create Application Shortcut” irritated me. But, this did help me a lot in doing the same while using Firefox. You can use it for creating desktop apps for almost anything. Unfortunately, this is also not available for Firefox 3.6.

Scrapbook – The best friend for a blogger. You can save a webpage for offline viewing and read it later on, when you are free, even if you are offline.

Wisestamp – I had tried everything else but this was the best one to insert HTML signatures automatically in all my emails. Works with all the major email providers and an easy thing to configure. You can create multiple signature profiles with it.

Customize Google – I use Google for almost every search I perform. This add-on is a great tool to optimize Google SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) by removing ads and adding related Yahoo and MSN links. But this is also incompatible with Firefox 3.6, though you can try Optimize Google.

Google Toolbar – Well without any doubt in mind go ahead and install it. If you are an avid Google user like me, this is the tool for you. Get the latest version, it also includes a nice sharing tool now.

Download Statusbar – Its not that important for everyone, though an ultimate necessity for me as I download loads of stuff everyday. Hence, its quite annoying to have that Download window popping up every other moment. This add-on shows all the downloads on a simple statusbar at the bottom with everything related to the download.

Download Helper – An ultimate tool for any media crazy guy like me. It detects every media item from any webpage and lets you download it. You can also convert the downloaded media to extensions of your choice using this add-on.

Reminder Fox – This tool helps me to keep a track of my daily tasks. All I need to do is define my daily schedule and every time any scheduled time(for a task) matches the clock, it notifies me to do that.

Apart from these I use Google Gears, Cooliris(for images) and most recently Weave Sync(Though I prefer MozBackup for backing up my bookmarks, settings, passwords).

Those are my personal favorites. I know, there are thousands of similar(and useful) add-ons in the (Mozilla Add-on)gallery, but as I said, those mentioned above helped me the most in performing more fruitfully. Please share with us your favorites.

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