How to Send Files and Email Attachments to Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is one of my favorite tools, when it comes to file synching. I can access my important files and folders from any computer and sync files between multiple computers easily. Dropbox also has a desktop application, just keep the app open in your system tray and all the files are synched automatically.

One of the problems I have with my email account is sorting attachments which have been sent long ago. Yes, there are quite a few Gmail search operators but if you need to automatically download Email attachments to a folder in your computer, Dropbox can help.

Send to Dropbox and Habilis are two popular web services which lets you send files and attachments to your Dropbox account. On Comparison, Send to Dropbox has more features like automatic archive unzipping, organizing folders and copying plain as well as HTML messages.

Following are the steps involved to email files to your Dropbox account:

First, go to Send to Dropbox and connect the service with your Dropbox account.

Send Files and Email attachments to Dropbox

Send to Dropbox will give you a unique email address where you can forward the files you want to upload to your Dropbox account. Add this email address in your email contact list.

Now all you have to do is attach the images, documents or other files to a new email message and send it to this email address. The service will create a new folder named “Attachments” in your Dropbox account, which will get synched across all the computers where you have Dropbox desktop client installed. You can also download the attachments from the Dropbox web interface, if you want.

Tip: Link to a Dropbox folder with a Short URL



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