Share Files from Desktop using Drag & Drop

Sharing is caring! We all want to share newest images, music, video clips with friends and relatives. You will find scads of methods to share a file with friends or send out a file to anyone, who is not connected to your computer or mobile’s network. For instance, you can use different cloud storage or standalone app like Adobe SendNow etc. to share files straight from PC.

Even so, today I am about to bring in to you such a program which enables users to share any file from desktop using drag & drop modus operandi. Droplr is definitely an amazing app and service that allows you to share files from desktop and mobile just by dragging and dropping technique. That means, by using Droplr, you can certainly send any sort of file just by putting it somewhere on your monitor.

Share Files from Desktop using Drag & Drop

Availability and cost of Droplr

Droplr is actually a cross platform application that is readily available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS as well as Windows Phone. Unfortunately, Android users won’t be able to have the taste of this application – as of now.

Droplr is not a free service whatsoever. However, there are several brilliant functions, what could give you the value of your money. It has six different accounts and features and flexibility vary on each account.

Lite: It costs $4.99 per month and it is possible to use only by you.

Pro: It costs $9.99 per month, can be used by only one person. Apart from that, it has Private Drops, Custom Branding, Custom Domain and Embed Drops feature.

Team: It costs $30 per month and can be used by 2-5 people. Except these, you will definately get all the features, what are obtainable in Pro account.

Business: It costs $100 per month. Apart from Team features, you will get 6-20 people usage and Premium Support.

Corporate: It costs $250 per month and has 21-50 people support.

Enterprise: If you have a quite big company and want to use Droplr, you may have to opt for Enterprise account. It costs as per your usage.Other than all these account types, you can consider using the trial version before paying for. The trial version has some limitations yet this is kind of perfect for newbies.

Top features of Droplr

Droplr has loads of features. However, the following list is a glimpse of that huge features list.

  • Share files from desktop
  • Real time synchronizing across multiple devices
  • Upload any file including audio, video, link, image etc.
  • Share file with non-Droplr users
  • Link shorten before sharing
  • Let others download your shared files

To get more, do download and start using it. A concise instruction is explained below.

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How to use Droplr to share files from Desktop?

This is a very easy to use program and service. Everybody, without having an expert understanding, can certainly employ this app on his or her PC or mobile. Prior to getting started, you have to sign up for your free account. The application doesn’t let users register on mobile.

Once you have registered, download Droplr from the aforementioned link. While downloading it, you additionally need Visual C++ 2012 to be installed.

Install Visual C++

After installing, sign in to the Droplr account simply by entering appropriate credentials. Afterwards, you will get an additional bubble on your screen. This signifies the Droplr. Now, everything you need to do is to drag and drop the file on this icon.

Droplr Icon

Immediately after uploading the file automatically, you will get a popup that looks something similar to the subsequent snapshot,

File link copied

Make use of this link to share that file. Conversely, in case you have installed Droplr on any other PC or mobile, it will likely be mirrored on that right away. This would be possible to open that file in browser or copy the url.

Image uploaded reflected automatically

Right here is the ending of actual process. Now, alternatively, this is also possible to cope with your files from browser on Droplr website. You can use Self Destruct feature to rub out a specific file on auto-pilot. For doing this, just go to Settings tab and select a deterioration time.

Self Destruction Time for Droplr

Bottom Line

At some point we do not have the time to use a distinct cloud storage to send any file to someone faster. At such moment, Droplr appears to be quite beneficial. On the other hand, this is not too expensive for two user-supported account.

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