Top 10 Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Web design and development is probably the most trending word in today’s technology era. Every geeky person wants to dive into the world of web designing and development. Obviously, you need unique skills and have to devote lot of time to stand out. At the same time, this is mobile era. We always use mobile to get our things done.

Therefore, if you want to jump into web designing and web development, here are some cool Android apps, what may help you to continue your work even when you are not in front of your PC.

Note: Web designing and web development are two different things. Obviously, they have interlink but they are not same.

Best Web Designing Apps for Android

Web designers are painters. They help web developers to present their ideas in a beautiful way. With the help of web design, you can product the front side of any website.

1] Camera Color Picker (Free)

Camera Color Picker is an open source Android application, which is available for Android 4.0 and later version. This is a must have app for them, when want to continue their work even when they are busy with mobile. You know that all Android mobiles have camera and you can pick up any color using this app that is called Camera Color Picker.

You just need to install and open your camera via this app. After that, it would be possible to select any color using the pointer. You can focus your camera on anything to select the color. In this way, you can find a perfect color for your next web designing project.

The workflow is simple and it doesn’t have loads of options. Just a camera option and color gallery. The most interestingly, you will get RGB as well as HEX code of any color. That means you do not have to look for any other tool convert RGB to HEX or HEX to RGB.

2] Pipette Color Picker (Free, $2.18)

Although, the workflow of Pipette Color Picker and Camera Color Picker are quite same but there is a difference. Camera Color Picker can help you to select any color in real time but Pipette Color Picker helps users to choose color from any photo.

Sometime, we see a color of an image but failed to know the RGB code of that color. Obviously, Photoshop or any other professional photo editing tool can let you get the color code, but now you can do the same on your Android mobile too. This is possible to select any image and get the RGB as well as HEX code.

Pipette Color Picker is available at free of cost for Android 2.3.3 and later version. You can also purchase the paid version to eliminate third party advertisements.

3] Fontest (Free)

Fontest app for android

Font plays a vital role in web designing. To provide better user experience, you must have to choose the best font. Fontest is such a great Android app that helps users to check the font in real time. You can use Fontest to know how a webpage would be looking on Android device after adding a particular font.

Fontest comes with six inbuilt fonts. Apart from that, you can add your own True Type and Open Type font in Fontest and write custom text as well.

Fontest is available for Android 2.1 and later version.

4] Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express

Web designing depends on the quality of your color, font and photo. Generally, most of the business websites use a lot of high quality photos to give a better look to their website. At such moment, if you are not a Photoshop user, simply try Adobe Photoshop Express on your Android mobile. You can give tons of awesome effect, add frames, merge photos and do tons of other things with this app.

The latest update enabled users to access images from Adobe Creative Cloud account. That means, you can upload images from PC and edit them on mobile.

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5] Sketch’Em (Free)

This Android 4.0+ app made it easier to draw various cartoon characters within moments. You can use Sketch’Em to get tutorial and mockup to draw cartoons. On the other hand, you can also create tutorial and send that to anybody. This application is optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which comes with S-Pen.

Not only sketching, you can also export your sketch in various regular formats (such as jpg, png etc.). This is a cool way to create your own character and give that a professional look.

Best Web Development Apps for Android

Web development is the backend of website. Mainly the coding part of any website is called web development.


AWD aka Android Web Development is such an awesome programming language editor that helps user to do various things, what are possible with Notepadd++ or Sublime text. You can write PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, JSON and more other codes without any issues.

The most exciting thing is this app can highlight syntax, check for errors, detect file encoding etc. At the same time, this is also possible to manage your files via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV etc.

If you are having an Android mobile, you will not get as good experience as Tablet users can get. Even though, this is a free software, but still it does not contain any advertisement like Pipette Color Picker.

7] Offline Bootstrap (Free)

Bootstrap Offline app for Android

Although, this is not a tool to help you with web development, yet, you can use this tool if you are a beginner. Offline Bootstrap app for Android can let you get started with Bootstrap, which is a repository of regular HTML5 and CSS3 templates. Hundreds of Blogspot and WordPress themes are made on Bootstrap templates and this is a good starting point of learning web designing.

Therefore, mobile users can easily install this small application and start learning the workflow of Bootstrap. Offline Bootstrap can help you to learn CSS, JS and more others on the go.

8] Silver Edit (Free, $3.49)

Silver edit app for android

If you are happy with AWD editor and you do not write any other language except HTML, PHP, CSS and JS, you can skip this. However, Silver Edit can help you to write different codes including HTML, XHTML, SHTML, JS, JSP, VB, PHP, CSS and more others. The free version does support all the aforementioned languages. Although, this is not confirmed but it seems, the paid version can categorize PHP3. INC, SSI, STM, HTA, PHTML and more other languages. In addition, you can manage remote network files using FTP.

The user interface is neat and clean but it does not highlight syntax. This is where AWD excels and Silver Edit fails to stand out. However, other features of Silver Edit can do more.

9] Code Peeker – Source Reader (Free, $1)

Code Peeker – Source Reader

Suppose, you have write a script and you want to check that for any error on your mobile. At such time, Code Peeker can help you to make your task easier. Code Peeker Lite is available for free for Android 2.1 and later version. It can read the following languages,

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • XML
  • ActionScript 3
  • AppleScript
  • Cold Fusion
  • Delphi/Pascal
  • Diff/patch files
  • Erlang
  • Groovy
  • JavaFX
  • Perl
  • PowerShell
  • Sass
  • Scala
  • SQL
  • Terminal scripts
  • Visual Basics
  • Verilog & System Verilog

The pro version of this tool can help you to mark the line number, a file explorer and open files from internal as well as SD card.

10] Adobe Edge Inspect CC (Free)

Adobe Edge Inspect CC

If you use multiple devices for your designing, Adobe Edge Inspect can surely help you to connect multiple devices and create a home network. You can synchronize your mobile with Windows and Mac computer. You just need to connect all devices to a particular Wi-Fi network and that’s it. After that, it would be possible to edit HTML markup, CSS, JS and more others.

The most interesting thing is all the changes will be reflected in real time. That means, it will also help you to work with team or friends together.

Did I miss any useful app?

What if your favorite Android app for web designing and development.

Featured image credit: Samthor/Flickr

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