Top 5 Most Expected Features of Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 has been a sensation among Microsoft lovers since past one year. Microsoft has been updating their latest Windows version slowly. However, all the updates have improved user experience a lot over the past one year. Anniversary Update, Redstone 1 Update – both of them have made it even better. According to some reliable sources, recently Microsoft is working on Redstone 2 Update, which is also known as Creators Update that would make the Windows 10 even better in terms of features, usability, and user experience. Although there is no such official confirmation but it seems Microsoft will release this update during Spring 2017. If you are an existing Windows 10 user or want to upgrade your machine to Windows 10, here is a good news for you. Let’s check out the most expected features of Windows 10 Creators Update or Redstone 2.

Top 5 Most Expected Features of Windows 10 Creators Update

As the title says, these following features are only expected. There is no confirm news whether these functions will be included into Windows 10 Redstone 2 or not.


1] Paint 3D

If you have used the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview, you may know that Microsoft has updated their most popular “Paint” app with some sensation functions such as 3D object maker. That’s correct. Microsoft has recently updated their Paint app, and people love it because of the features. Now, you can paint a 3D object in Paint app that is the default paint app for Windows 10.

2] Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 10. However, this is not a standard browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Having said that, Microsoft is working on this browser to make it even better. In the latest update, they have included Extension capability. Hope they would be adding more functions such as restore last closed tab, open tab from last season and much more. Users need more features since Microsoft Edge is fast and works pretty good for regular web browsing. If they can add more features like other browsers, it would be better.

3] Windows Defender

Windows Defender has been there in Windows for a long time now, and it performs pretty well when it comes to protection Windows from malware. The real-time protection is an excellent feature of Windows Defender. However, this is not enough to protect your computer from latest kind of threats such as ransomware and all. Therefore, Microsoft is trying to upgrade their Windows Defender with some good functions so that it can prevent malware, Trojan, ransomware, etc. from attacking your computer. This is also expected to get a UI makeover.

4] Action Center

Action Center has improved since the first launch of Windows 10. However, Microsoft is working on this feature that can let you organize notifications from the core. You can manage notifications, connectivity related features, and many more things. However, it seems future Action Center will let you change volume, brightness using a progress bar. That is what is expected after a leak of a screenshot.

5] Better Personalization

Windows 7 did help you to change the theme. However, from Windows 8, it became quite tough to change the overall theme to make it according to a user’s requirement. However, Windows 10 Redstone 2 may let you change color according to your wish, set better wallpaper and more. Some professionals have said that it will have the option to change brightness, contrast, etc. according to the time or surrounding.

There are more other things you can expect from Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. However, these are probably about to come with this update.

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