All Of The Many Wonderful Things You Can Do With

Did you know there was a place you can find for free, buy and even share documents on the Internet?  It’s almost like a community of people sharing documents for almost any need you can think. It’s called and there are many things you can do with and I’d like to share a few with you.

You Can Sell Documents

Are you prolific at creating professional documents that people need?  With you can actually upload documents to sell to other people.  With no minimum number of docs, no upfront fees, and the ability to set your own prices you’d almost be foolish not to try to sell your beautiful documents on  You can sell almost anything from business forms to ebooks.

You Can Make Money By Offering Free Documents

Adsense with

That sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it?  It’s true, there is more than one way to make money on  There is also the possibility of offering free documents for people to download and use and making money from the ads.  The trick is to sign up for your own Google Adsense account and be willing to split the profits with Docstock 50/50.  They call the program DocCash.  Who doesn’t like the idea of passive income though?

You Can Keep Visitors On Your Site By Embedding Documents

Embed documents using

Do you have documents that you want to share with your website visitors but are sick of just giving them a download link or actually sending them away from your site to get the needed document? offers you the ability to embed documents on your site.  The benefits are keeping your visitors on your site longer, making their lives easier, having search engines index your documents, and in the end drive more traffic to your site.

You Can Create Hover-able Links To Documents On Your Website or Blog DocShots

If embedding documents on your website isn’t what you’re looking for, try out DocShots. DocShots will actually make any links on your site to documents into hover-able links.  Visitors will only have to hover over the link and the document will pop up for them to read.  This will allow them to avoid having to leave your site or even wait to download anything.

You Can Keep Your Own Personal Collection Of Documents Online MyDocs

You can actually upload the whole of your document collection to keep them online and available from anywhere. has nifty features allowing you to keep computer folder in sync with your collection and to upload documents in bulk.  You can choose whether you want your documents to be public or private.  You can even share your private documents with specific people while monitoring whose actually accessed and downloaded them.

Yeah, But What Does Cost To Use?

After scouring the FAQ for just that question, I found an answer.  Apparently is free to use.  Exciting, right?  There are obviously some documents that are premium and you need to purchase them.  There’s also a subscription service enabling you to access thousands of premium documents.  Otherwise, the services are free.

What about you?  Would you try for your online document needs?  What service(s) would you use most?

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