7 reasons why we Use and Recommend Doreo Hosting

Selecting a Good webhost is One step ahead of Building a successful blog.Here are the reasons Why you should chose Doreo as your Web Hosting provider.

Why choose Doreo as your Hosting provider ?

doreoBlazing Speed : Its Very necessary that your Blog Loads faster and before 4 seconds. You can tweak Your blog so that it loads faster But if you have a Bad Web host in the first Place No optimization Will work.Doreo has some of the Fastest Servers and I am really convinced with the speed.

Solid  and Guaranteed Uptime : Another Important aspect is the Uptime. Every Webhost  undergoes routine maintenance  But With Doreo You are sure that You will get 99 % Uptime. Previously we had faced severe downtimes and Our Blog went down due to Traffic spikes.But ever since we have shifted to Doreo Hosting – No Downtimes. Not even Once !.

See the uptime report at the Doreo Blog

Dedicated Servers : Doreo has Some of the fastest Dedicated servers. That Means Your blog is Not hosted on a shared environment and You can deliver a Professional service.

They are Not Oversellers : Who are the oversellers ? The web hosting providers that Offer Unlimited server space and Bandwidth while charging only a low amount. The best Example is Dreamhost.They Offer Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space at a Modest price of 5.95 $. Now you would say “Wow that’s a great offer and Better than any other paid hosting provider “

Wrong ! What they actually do is that they put Hundreds of other websites and Blogs on a shared server.Other websites hosted with you on the shared server share Resources like CPU,RAM etc.The result : Slow Loading Speed and may be frequent downtimes.

Better Network : Doreo provides at least 15 GB of network capacity utilizing multiple tier-1 network providers. Current network providers includes:Savvis ,Leve3 ,elia,nLayer.Check their network page.

Excellent customer Support :  Doreo has Some of the Best Customer supports available on earth. You Just shoot out an email of your problem and the Doreo Staff gets back in Fixing it. Whenever I had problems with My website i Sent an email describing the problem .The support Staff Fixed them In Less than an Hour. Amazing !

Reasonable price : Doreo Do not charges Huge amounts for their World Class Services. In fact their prices are Slightly High as compared to other Hosting providers. But considering the Quality of service they provide Price is Not a problem. See the different Webhosting plans that Doreo has to offer

Ask yourself ?

Do you really need unlimited disk space ? Do you really need Unlimited Bandwidth ? If you are a Beginner or a Average blogger then a Moderate Bandwidth would be Just fine. We Get a Disk space of 2000 Mb and a Bandwidth of 60,000 Mb per month which is More than Sufficient.The result is that We get a Good Hosting provider,99% uptime,Good customer support and above all we don’t have to compromise On User experience.

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