WhatsApp vs Allo: Which is Better and Why

WhatsApp vs Allo – which is better and why? You might ask this question after using both of them for a few months. Google has set everything to fight against their biggest rival Facebook. In the past, they have tried to overcome the mass popularity of Facebook in social networking filed with Buzz and Google Plus. Though the latter is still available, it couldn’t make a great impact in the cyber arena.

With the purchase of WhatsApp, Facebook has climbed new level of popularity. The growth rate of WhatsApp is exponential and that’s what made Google think about coming up with something. First thing they launched was Duo, which was a video chatting solution. As expected, it was wholeheartedly received by techies and ordinary people all around the globe. After a few days, they unveiled yet another application called Allo. I hope you already said hello to Allo. In this article, I am going to compare both the instant messaging stalwarts; WhatsApp and Google Allo. So the battle begins.

WhatsApp vs Allo

whatsapp vs allo

I am going to divide this comparison into different section so that you can read it conveniently.


The very first thing anyone notices on any application is the user interface. When you place the interfaces of WhatsApp and Allo side by side, you will figure out only a few differences.

Yeah, there are not many differences between them. But Allo looks minimal in terms of design, I would say. You may have a different opinion. But the white color on Allo instead of green on WhatsApp is what I like.

The three-dots are what give you more Settings on WhatsApp whereas on Allo the three-stripes on the left hand side provide you with the same.

Google Assistant, the real game changer on Allo sits right on top of every conversation, giving you the quickest navigation.

WhatsApp vs Allo:- Allo


The security has the top priority for every IM app user. We all have witnessed for a revolutionary WhatsApp update in the recent past, which was the one with end-to-end encryption. No one including the governmental authorities can read messages sent via WhatsApp.

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On the other hand, Allo lacks end-to-end encryption on regular chats. In case you want to initiate a sensitive chatting section, you can make use of Incognito chat (which obviously has end-to-end encryption).

WhatsApp vs Allo:- WhatsApp

Feature Comparison

Now I want to give you a feature comparison in this WhatsApp vs Allo post.

Both the applications have text messages, media sending capabilities and voice messages. But when it comes to voice calling, WhatsApp comes first because Allo lacks the same.

A self-destructive messaging option is available on Google Allo, but not on WhatsApp.

If you love sending stickers, you will find Allo to be the best for you. There are stickers available on it.

Both Allo and WhatsApp offers different types of text formatting. Allo has the ability to increase and decrease font size. On the other hand, we can bold, italicize and put a strike over texts on WhatsApp.

A virtual assistant and smart reply feature are the unique selling propositions of Allo. Apparently, WhatsApp lacks the same.

Read receipts are available on both the IM apps. But only WhatsApp provides you with last seen notice.

Finally, WhatsApp has files sharing but Allo hasn’t. And, Allo is only available on Android and iOS. On contrary to this, you can also access WhatsApp on your PC and Mac as well.

WhatsApp vs Allo:- Tie

Wrapping Up

As you just read, both the apps fight with each other in every segment. There are some areas where WhatsApp dominates and there are some in favor of Allo as well.

Considering the fact that Allo is relatively new to the competition, we can expect a lot more features in the coming months.

If you think I missed any important aspects in this comparison, you can just use the comment form to let me know of the same.

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