Why Smartphone and Laptop Batteries Explode and How to Prevent it?

Modernization has made our life more gadget-oriented day by day. Laptops and smartphones are not luxuries today, but they appear as the bare necessities for mankind at times. Dead bricks of the advancements in electronics. And, they are not always harmless. Yes. Batteries. And, they explode. A potential killer for us.

The reasons behind those mishaps are not always the manufacturing defects as in the case of Samsung Note 7 model.  More than thirty-five events of explosion compelled the company to recollect the particular model out of the market. But these incidents do not cover the entire scenario. And, that’s why we are here. Let us understand the causes and precautions before these rare mishaps harm you or your loved ones.

Take Care of the Lithium-Ion Battery to prevent Explosion

According to Battery University, Lithium-Ion battery charges quickly and the energy stays long. That means they are perfect to use in our modern electronic gadgets. But the battery life decays with time, based on how much do we use our devices.

  • In average cases, it is recommended to change the battery after 2/3 years.
  • But in case of continuous and heavy uses (e.g., using heavy software), we should consider using a new battery to avoid explosions caused by thermal runway (a condition where any kind of temperature increase may cause more increase in temperature in an uncontrollable way).
  • Old and poor battery cells start producing extra heat. This may change the chemical work process inside the battery and may end up to an explosion.
  • Always check up on the battery health for any kind of swelling or extra heating. These signs indicate that your battery is not okay.


  • Sometimes, high voltage contact may lead to an unavoidable blast. Any breakage in the power cord or the charging adapter can be the reason behind these incidents.
  • The devices should be kept under the temperature of 60 degree Celsius.

Manufacturing Defect is a Big Reason behind Battery Explosion

Smartphone, laptop or other electronic gadget explosions may be rare case scenarios, but a common defect at the time of production can increase the risk of casualties in all the products of that specific lot.

  • A defective batch of batteries ( as in the case of Note 7) with wrong inside assembly can make them work improperly.


  • Low-cost ingredients or wrong components in the cheap products can lead to an unavoidable case of a battery explosion.
  • The local manufacturers of cut-price products don’t bother to maintain all the safety issues in their products. Most of these products do not go through the required tests and they pop in the market with their inappropriate designs and sub-standard ingredients.

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Check the Battery Heath if the Device is Dropped

Sudden dropping of a device can cause major harm inside your device. In case of a laptop, it’s a more serious issue than the other devices.

  • Usually, after dropping, at first we check the screen. If it is okay and the device is in working condition, we don’t even bother to check the internal body of the device.  But a hard fall can alter the reaction of the inside materials of the battery and can break the cell.
  • It produces internal short-circuit leading to inflammation and potential blasts.




If your device had withstood a great fall, please check this list of damage indications and rush into a nearby restoration center.

  • Deformation.
  • Swelling.
  • When charging it’s getting overheated.
  • The device is restarting on its own.
  • The battery is getting drained quickly.
  • When plugged in, the device is not getting charged.

Overcharging or Using a Wrong Charger may cause the Battery to Explode

Internal short-circuits, overcharging, excessive heat cause “thermal runaway”. It causes chemical reactions and increases the temperature of the device to make a blast of toxic fumes and chemical also. Rather than internally, there are some outwards issues like-playing intensive-graphics designed games, direct sunlight exposure can promote high heat in your device. To play safe, please be conscious of these matters.


A wrong, faulty charger can cause the blast by supplying more current over the need. Duplicate and cheap chargers don’t maintain the safety rules by USB devices. The incorrect gauge and wire supply over energy and can occur an explosion.

How to Take Precautions

Seems you might rushing to know how to protect yourself from such unfortunate. So, if you notice anyone above similarities with your gadgets, please follow these safety rules-


  1. Don’t watch videos, or listen to music in bed, while charging. It’s very risky.
  2. Always try to use the same charger which contains on the phone only. That charger is tuned perfectly with your phone.
  3. Always try to buy your devices from reputed and trusted brands only. It decreases the chance of any miss-happen.
  4. During charging and using the device, if you feel it’s getting too hot, please unplug it. Go to your nearest repair store.
  5. If your device is recalled, return it as soon as possible.

Practically, we can even imagine ourselves without smartphone and laptops. So, don’t get panicked. Taking these simple measures you can also prevent this rare explosion. Manufacturers are so much concerned about the matter and took needfull steps to ensure safety. Lastly, do trust coveted brands only.

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