Here Is a Summary Of What We’ve Searched On Google In 2015

Google 2015 Annual report came out.

We already seen that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube celebrating a review of what happened in 2015. Facebook already started rolling out “Year In Review” option in profiles to get a bird’s eye view of what this year brought to you with the help of pictures you’ve shared. I bet you already used it and shared with all your friends. Now it’s Google turn.

This company, whose name became a verbal word for searching, had shared what people have searched most on 2015 by analyzing 1.2 trillion search queries world wide, which happens every year. Let’s find out what people most wanted to know about this year. Just like twitter, Google dedicated a website and list out all the trends.

A Year In Search – Google 2015

  • Paris Under Attack – Even though this event happened towards the end of the year, this is the topic people searched most about. According to Google, over more than 897 million search entries were about this topic. Search queries like “What Happened In Paris”, “What is Pray for Paris”, “Why did ISIS attacked Paris” came from all over the world. Google even made an interactive visualization regarding what queries came out from different places.
    Nepal Earthquake – This is another tragedy that happened to human kind this year. A massive earthquake occurred at Nepal in the Month of April killing approx 9k people. Google received more than 85 million search queries regarding this accident out of which, “how can I help Nepal” being on top. You can see the world searching on Google regarding this event.
  • Star Wars – The latest edition of the famous Franchise Star Wars was the another famous topic fans cared most about. With Over 155 Million search queries, it stood one of the top trends this year.
  • Migrant Crisis In Europe – Civil Wars in Syria caused so many migrants and refugees come to European Union. Many boats sank in sea while travelling causing death of many people and children. Google received around 23 Million queries regarding this event. Queries like “How to adopt a Syrian Orphan child?”, “Where are the refugees are coming from ?” occupied top positions in charts. You can also see the trend regarding this event
  • While Rugby World cup which happened between September to October received over 246 Million Search queries making it one of the biggest sports event in the world, the 11th Cricket World cup , which happened between Feb and March of this year, got searched 323 million times. Both these events together made Sports as the favorite topic of the people. Queries like “How many overs in a World Cup cricket?” , “Dan Carter” stood top on trends.
  • 87th Oscar Academy Awards, which happened in February of this year received over 406 Million Search queries where people searched for popular categories using various queries.

Other events regarding which people searched more about were- same-sex marriage – when US supreme court allowed gay marriages in June, 123 Million queries regarding farewell for legends who we lost in 2015, Over 10 Million queries regarding Water On Mars, Over 100 Million searches on Queen Elezabeth II when she achieved a milestone of becoming longest serving Queen in history, 32 million queries regarding death of a Lion named Cecil lived in Zimbabwe, 13 Million queries regarding VolksWagon Emission scandal. You can access all Google global Trends here.

Popular Topics In India This Year

Events from India that got queried the most this year were – over 26 Million queries Chennai Floods occurred in December of this year causing death of over 270 people, over 32 Million queries regarding Indian Gov Banning Maggi .

Some Most searched categories from India were –

Searches –

  • Flipkart
  • State Bank Of India
  • Amazon
  • Snapdeal

This chart itself shows how e-commerce is the booming sector in India right now.

Trending top Searches

  • ICICI Cricket WorldCup 2015
  • Bahubali
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  • Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
  • IPL
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Virat Kohli
  • SalMan Khan
  • Yu Yureka

What did you search for in 2015 ? Do let us know in comments!!

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