How to Hide YouTube Comments Automatically in Chrome and Firefox

Do you want to hide YouTube comments automatcially while surfing the website? Here is a simple trick that will allow you to hide comments from YouTube page in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although the king of the video world, Youtube has become sort of a troll-box of funny comments. Such Youtube comments don’t add any value to the video or user experience and hence many users are left irritated while sifting through the videos for something important. There is a an easy way to hide such comments with a third party program called Hide Fedora. It comes as a browser extension and automatically hides worthless comments the moment you click on any video. Hide Fedora is only available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as of now.

How Fedora Works

Once you install the extension, it will start working automatically and either hide useless comments or replace them with a cat according to your set specifications like keywords. Moreover, particular users can also be blocked so that you are not able to see any comments by them while surfing Youtube.

Even certain defined words or phrases can be banned for as long as you want. Fedora will scan the comments and remove the ones matching your criteria, replacing them with a cat or hiding them altogether as per say. The most important feature of all is the global block list maintained by the Fedora servers that has the record of the most notorious Youtube users and other comments that hold no value.

Although this remote list automatically bans such entities, users have been given no control over the usage of the block list. This is indeed a minor drawback of the software but not important from the general user point of view.

User Interface and Using The Software

You can download the software for your respective browser from the above mentioned link. I have downloaded the Google Chrome extension for the tutorial. After you install the extension, to access its options go to Google Chome’s Options –> More Tools –> Extensions. Find the Hide Fedora extension from the list of the installed ones and click on ‘Options’ under it. This will take you to Fedora’s user interface.

How to Hide YouTube Comments Automatically in Chrome and Firefox


As you can see, you can choose to either completely hide the comments or replace them with a cat comment saying ‘Meow meow’ which is both amusing and beneficial at the same time.


How to Hide YouTube Comments Automatically in Chrome and Firefox


Next you can use the ‘Banned Profiles’ and ‘Banned Words’ options to make lists of comment preferences you want banned in addition to Fedora’s default global ban list. Profiles can be simply banned by hovering over the original comments and clicking on the HF icon that pops into view below them.

Conclusion and Some Observations

It should be noted that firstly, once the comment is hidden or replaced with a cat comment, there is no option to see the original comment directly. The only way is to unban profiles and remove the banned keywords which can be easily done under the respective sections in the options menu of the extension.

Secondly, with a little bit of creativity, this tool can also be used to search for particular comments which you may have read in the past. You can temporarily ban some words that were not used in the Youtube comments you are searching for. This will help you search target comments faster. Get back to us with your reviews about Fedora or any doubts.

Download Hide Fedora here for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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