5 Best Alternatives to Google Assistant For Android 2018

Artificial Intelligence based personal assistants are the current technological trend with the likes of Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby and many other AI assitants found everywhere right from your Android or iOS device up until to the smart speakers and smart devices at your home.

While the above mentioned AI assistants are hugely popular and very smart with the help of the massive amount of user data available to them, it also makes them boring or mundane sometimes. So, if you are someone who got bored with the default Google Assistant, the AI based personal assistant that comes built in with your Android device, then here is a list of 5 best alternatives to the Google Assistant for your Android device.

5 Best Alternatives to Google Assistant For Android 2018

Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot aims at being a personal assistant which is fluent in a lot of specific subjects which you can choose from the built in list. For example, if you chose the subject as Albert Einstein, you can proceed to ask a lot of specific questions about him and the AI assistant will return you the answers in all available formats like text, web results or even images. The interface of the app is also great giving you a feel of having a conversation with an actual AI assistant.

You can also use it as a personal secretary by asking you to remind you about your appointments, take notes, set alarms and more. The DataBot works with your voice commands and you can personalize it to your liking by giving it a preferred name and asking it to answer you to the name of your choice. Best of all the DataBot Virtual Assistant is cross platform, which means that it works across Android phones, tablets and even Windows Laptops.

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Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is one of the few personal assistants apps that was built based on the Natural Language Processing which makes it more reliable and it makes fewer errors when you are trying to initiate a real time conversation with it. It also has a Siri counterpart which means if you own an iOS device you can continue your conversation with the Lyra Assistant across your devices.

Apart from the basic tasks of setting an Alarm, doing voice based web searches or reminding you of your tasks and appointments, it does a wide range of activities for you like playing the YouTube videos you like, entertaining you with jokes or facts, navigate you to a location and even translate words or phrases through voice commands. The app also allows you to mark your frequently asked questions as favourites for you to easily access them instead of dictating them every time.

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Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Robin is an AI based voice and virtual assistant which is primarily designed and developed to help its users with hands free controls on the road while they are travelling somewhere or stuck in traffic. Its hands free controls include a wide range of options including providing you with shortest possible routes to your destinations, real time traffic updates and even reply to the texts you receive with your voice.

Apart from using the voice command Robin to activate and use the app, you can also wave twice near your phone’s proximity sensor to activate and use it when the environment is noisy or when your voice command is not getting recognized. It will also help you with all the basic commands like alarms and reminders and advanced commands like reading your Twitter feed, updating your Facebook account and more.

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Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

While not a lot of people uses Microsoft’s Cortana on their Windows devices, it is actually a pretty good assistant if you start using it on your Android phone and it has some really useful features like providing you with daily updates on your schedule, trending news, weather alerts, allowing you to connect your Android device with your Windows device to send and receive messages, synchronize your notifications and more.

All you have to do is to install Cortana on your Android device and sign in with the same Microsoft account you are using on your Windows device and you are good to go. You can also reply to your text messages directly from your PC if you have the necessary permissions enabled on your Android device. The app also allows you to set locations based reminders and it will intelligently remind you the next time you are at that particular location.

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Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme is an advanced level personal voice assistant with a lot of features that most personal AI assistants, including the popular Google Assistant and Siri doesn’t posses. For instance, the assistant can be used to directly post your Facebook status, take a selfie, play your favourite videos on YouTube and much more. Its interface is also designed to look like the Jarvis AI assistant from Iron Man to add a comical feel to it.

The assistant is also deeply integrated with many popular apps on your device like Whatsapp, Skype, other messaging and dialer apps and you can use your voice commands to perform certain actions in these apps like sending messages to your friends, answering and placing calls with your voice and even make video or audio calls from within these apps. The app also highly values your privacy and it stores all the app related data locally on your device and everything will be deleted once you uninstall the Extreme app.

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Which one of the above mentioned personal assistants do you think will be perfect to help you with your everyday life? Try them out and let us know in the comments section below what was your favourite assistant from the list and feel free to mention if you know some other personal assistants that you think should have been included in this list of best alternatives to Google assistant for Android 2018.

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