Top 5 best offline shooting games for Android 2018

With the Android smartphones getting more powerful and faster over the years, the scope for smartphone gaming is also on the high. However, the battery life on most Android smartphones are not nearly as good as their performance which means that even though you can play games with high end graphics with ease on your Android smartphone, you might not be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time as the battery life in your device is limited.

The battery on your device drains particularly faster if you are playing an online game which not only requires a lot of processing power but also constant and continuous access to the internet, especially if it is a server based or on an online multiplayer game.

So, in the aim of enjoying gaming on your powerful smartphone without compromising much on the battery life, we have put together a list of top 5 offline games for Android that are available for free and are a whole lot of fun to play as they all are shooting games designed to give you the enjoyment of killing zombies, bad people and what not.

If you were on the lookout some awesome shooting games for your Android smartphone with killer graphics and one which doesn’t boil down your data plan, then read on to know our list of top 5 best offline shooting games for Android with updated ones for 2018.

Top 5 best offline shooting games for Android 2018

Into the Dead 2

Following the huge success of the first part in the franchise, PikPok has impressed Android smartphone gamers with its sequel, Into the Dead 2. This is one of the most downloaded FPS for Android with over 5 million downloads and an editors choice award and it also has a high rating of 4.5 in the Google Play Store.

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Into the Dead 2 is a horror based Zombie apocalypse game where the player has to shoot through the zombies in the first person shooter mode on their way to the destination. As players level up, they can unlock new weapons and skills as the gameplay getting tougher with increasing level.

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If you like endless running games in the likes of Subway Surfers and Temple Run and if you are also a fan of offline shooting games where you can shoot whatever that comes your way, then we are sure that you would love spending your free time playing Into the Dead 2. Give it a try!

Brothers in Arms 3

Just like Into the Dead, this game is also the 3rd instalment of the successful series called Brothers in Arms, a war based offline shooting game. While the previous instalment in the franchise was an FPS shooter, this part has been shifted to a third-person perspective to give players a clearer view of the teammates who are involved in this battle against the world.

The gameplay is set across several post World War 2 locations like Paris and Germany and players have to kill all the Nazis on their way to complete mini missions and thereby ultimately completing 6 individual campaigns set across different backdrops.

offline shooting

All the missions involved in this game are fairly simple and short and the graphics really look good with a reasonable level of realism and game physics built right in. The only downside with this otherwise entertaining game is players might have to wait long periods of time if they are not willing to shell out some real cash to upgrade their weapons upon which only they could proceed to next levels.

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Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper, as the name indicates is a first-person shooter game based entirely on Snipers. You only get to see your targets through the crosshairs of your Sniper Rifle and the game involves in discreetly killing a series of targets and sometimes their security guards who are a group of human traffickers.

The developers have made the gameplay interesting by providing the players with bonus points if they manage to hit the target perfectly so as the corpse falls somewhere discreet making it difficult to identify by the people in the surroundings. You can achieve this by waiting till the target moves to a darker area or near a swimming pool or something else of that sorts.

offline shooting

Graphics of this offline shooting game is also of a high quality just like its PC counterpart and players are given the feel of thrill by assigning a time frame within which they have to kill all the targets in order to complete the contract and progress through the game.

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N.O.V.A: 3 Freedom Edition

N.O.V.A: 3 is one of the best shooting games for Android with console level graphics and a solid gameplay. It is about an army man who returns back to earth which is now invaded by aliens and attempting to reconquer our planet from them. The game is sent at San Francisco and uncovers to different locations as you progress through the levels.

Players will get access to a massive collection of weapons with upgrades provided at different levels and the graphics in the game are extremely immersive and realistic giving the complete experience to the player to make them feel like they are really at a post-apocalyptic world invaded by aliens.

offline shooting

The game involves a single player FPS based story mode and an offline mode where you get to fight against the AI. You can also choose between the local hotspot and online multiplayer modes to join and play with other N.O.V.A 3 players across the world.

Cover Fire

Cover fire is also one of the best looking games available for Android and it has a compelling storyline which encourages the players to complete the game of one single stretch. It is based on a rail shooting type where the players have to join against TETRACORP an evil organisation which is illegally occupying the areas of the public.

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The gameplay involves the players joining together with a group of people to form a squad of their own to fight against the enemy troops in the form of guerrillas. All the members of the squad come with their own unique set of abilities which could be put to use in different missions.

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While some of the missions in Cover Fire are fairly simple and could be completed quickly if you have already played a lot of shooting games, there is always a hard mode to give yourself a challenge. The game is supported by in-app purchases where you can purchase energy level and upgrades for your weaponry if you don’t want to wait through the automatic process.

Well, our current list ends here but there are still a ton of games available for Android and even better games than the ones mentioned in our list might release in the future. While we would always try to keep this list of best offline shooting games available for Android updated, you too feel free mention your favourite shooting games in the comments section below.

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