Best Tools to Batch Resize Images

If you want to batch resize multiple images quickly without having to download and install an image editing program like Irfanview, here is a freeware utility which might help.

Known as Image Resizer powertoy, the application adds a new entry to your Windows right click context menu. To resize multiple images, all you have to do is select all the images by holding the Ctrl key, right click and choose the option that suits best.

There are quite a few options to choose from – you can resize the images to fit in small, large or medium screens or mobile devices using the inbuilt presets. You can also define a custom width and height of the image, this will be handy if you want to resize images to a custom dimension.

The application can create copies of the resized images, thus the original image is never changed or distorted.

Fotosizer – Portable Tool to Batch Resize Images

Fotosizer is again a nice portable tool which lets you batch resize images with a single click. Just select all the images you want to resize, define the dimensions and it’s done. The added advantage of Fotosizer is that you can compress the size of Jpeg image files along with other image formats.

To use the application from your USB drive, copy Fotosizer.exe from the installed folder and drop it in your USB drive. Fotosizer also supports creating an image file name mask – you can automatically rename the resized images and put a custom date or timestamp to the file name.

One thing worth mentioning about Fotosizer is the ability to resize all the images within a custom folder. Say you want to resize hundreds of images to a specific dimension. Put them in a desired folder and add the folder in Fotosizer preferences. Now Run Fotosizer and the application will resize all the images one by one and create a copy in the same folder. You may also choose to overwrite the original images or choose another destination folder in your computer to save the resized images.

Resize Multiple Images Online using Picnik

There may be situations when you are working on another computer and need to resize multiple images without using any software. I would strongly recommend using Picasa web albums which now uses Picnik as the image editing program.

The first reason is that the original image remains in your Picasa web albums folder and you can later download a copy by simply logging in to your Picasa web account. Secondly, you can add so many more effects to your images and customize them the way you want. This includes adjusting the color, sharpness, rotating, cropping, fixing the red eye and so on.

Tip: How to resize PNG images online

Do you use any tool to resize multiple images at once? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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