The Secret List of Must have Apps for Writers [#3 is the Best]

Writers are everywhere. You supposed to have a good writing skill to be passed in exam, get a job so on. However, most of the people think that they cannot write because they cannot explain a difficult thing in simple words. Everything has the ability to start writing. Everyone has a different style of writing. Anyway, that is a different story.

The Secret List of Must have Apps for Writers

There is nothing to say about blog post writers or eBook writers. In fact, most of the writers including novel writer, poem writer etc. use computer and tablet instead of pen and diary to write down their thoughts. Nevertheless, you must have to choose right application and software for your mobile and PC respectively so that you can get things done faster. Let’s check out this following list.

Slick Write

7 out of 10 people have blog and they do blog too share random thoughts. This is where you have to be as simple as possible. Otherwise, your readers would not understand the inner meaning or even actual meaning. You can use simple words and short paragraph to sustain the simplicity. There is yet another solution, which is called Slick Write. Slick Write can proofread grammatical basic grammatical errors, spelling mistakes. You can also replace difficult words with simple words, improve punctuation and do lot more.


This is one of my favorite web apps. I have been using Hemingway since past couple of months. Only the web version of Hemingway had been available for writers but now you can purchase the Desktop version (for Mac and Windows) at $6.99. It can aid you to check readability, split hard to read sentences, change passive voice with active voice and more others. The web version of Hemingway is accessible for free.

Idiom Dictionary

Idioms are awesome to improve your piece of writing. Idiom makes your article even simpler. On the other hand, you can express something difficult in simple words (as Idiom is a set of words that refers a meaning.). This Idiom dictionary is really great and available at free of cost. Just head over to the web app and make a search. You will get brief details about that that particular word and all the technique to make use of that particular idiom.


Mindly for iOS

Mindly is a great iOS app for brainstorming, thought structuring and gathering all the ideas. This free application is available for free on iOS 7.0+ gadgets. This app is not yet optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The interface of Mindly is great and it comes with minimum options. Hence, you can jot down all the random thoughts in a better way before writing.

Microsoft Office

Office for Android

Microsoft changed a lot for Office for Mobile earlier. However, they have made it free to use for iOS as well as Android. That means, you do not have to be an Office 365 user to utilize MS Office for mobile. All your data will be saved via Microsoft’s own cloud storage, OneDrive. You can access all the documents, spreadsheets, presentations across multiple devices. All you need to do is sign in to Office for Mobile using same account.



This is one of the best cross-platform note taking apps. The most useful thing of Evernote is you can make use of this to write on the go. No matter where you are but you can easily resume your copy on your mobile, laptop and PC. All the data will be saved in Evernote itself. You can explore them anytime you wish. This is very time saving tool for everyone including writers.

The Action Machine

Although, it doesn’t help you directly in writing but you can use The Action Machine to get helped indirectly. Most of the newbies make a mistake. They start copywriting without setting any time limit. Although a good piece of writing comes after ceaseless editing but still you should set a time limit to write one paragraph faster. After finishing, you can start editing. This is where The Action Machine comes in. This premium application is available on Windows and mac and it costs $47. For not only writing but also you can use it for any other things.

Google Drive

You can use Google Drive to collect all the Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms etc. those are saved. On the other hand, you can download and edit any file and edit that simultaneously. Google Drive is available on almost all major platforms including Windows, Android, iOS etc. This is also possible to replace it with Dropbox but Dropbox has no native document editor.

Bottom Line

There are more other apps for writers. But, there are most essential and must have for every type of writers.

Are you a writer? What is your favorite app?

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