Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Every Android mobile comes with a keyboard. No matter whether you have a Samsung mobile or Redmi, you can undoubtedly find a keyboard while typing any word. However, sometimes people face different problems with the in-built keyboard. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent keyboard application, you should take a look at this article. Here are some of the best keyboard apps for Android so that you can fulfill your demand and increase your productivity.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

1] Gboard

Gboard is one of the best custom keyboard apps for Android. No matter which mobile you use, you can install this free keyboard application on your mobile and use it without any problem. Some of the best features of this keyboard app are glide typing, voice typing, handwriting, etc. Glide typing lets you type a text quickly. Although this is not recommended for big finger holders, you can use it if you have small fingers. From emoji to GIF, you can search for anything and use that accordingly.

Not only just English but also you can type other languages. For your information, you need to add that language to your keyboard first. It doesn’t matter whether your mobile’s screen is small or big; you can certainly use this keyboard application without any glitch.

2] Ginger Keyboard

Many times you need to write a formal letter, and you cannot afford a grammatical mistake. At such moments, a keyboard like Ginger keyboard can be a helpful solution for you. Instead of checking a single word at a time, it searches for a grammatical mistake in the whole sentence. Therefore, you can write flawless English without any problem with the help of this free keyboard application.

Apart from checking the grammar, it has glide typing, which makes everything quicker. It is compatible with Android 4.1 or later version. The only drawback is all the features are not available for free. You need to spend some money to gain everything.

3] SwiftKey Keyboard

If you need a cool color keyboard app for Android, SwiftKey is probably the best option for you. No matter what kind of customization you want to do, everything can be done with the help of SwiftKey Keyboard. Like Gboard, you can type by swiping. In other words, you may not find any difference between Gboard and Swiftkey Keyboard apart from the look.

Talking about functionalities, you can search for GIF, emoji, etc. It has an inbuilt emoji keyboard. Therefore, if you install this application, there is no need to install another third-party application for typing emojis.

4] Grammarly Keyboard

If you are a writer, you might already know about Grammarly. This is a grammar checker service that was available only for browsers and Windows. However, now you can download the keyboard application that allows you to type error-free paragraphs without thinking twice. Grammarly Keyboard is available for Android 5.0 or later version.

It shows every kind of grammatical mistake on your screen. No matter if there is a punctuation error or tense related issue, you can find everything while typing. The user interface of this app is pretty good and uncluttered. Therefore, there should not be any issue while using it for a long time as well.

5] GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard can be customized at the utmost level. From the button size to background color, you can change everything of this keyboard. This is available for free, but you need to spend some money to unlock all the features. This keyboard is popular among people who love to type emojis and send stickers to friends.

The most interesting thing is you can change fonts of the keyboard. Although the typed words won’t be changed, you can find a different feel while typing. Like other keyboard apps, you can find voice typing in this app as well. In other words, you can use this option when you do not want to type, but you need to write down a long paragraph.

Talking about compatibility, you need Android 4.1 or later version.

6] Fleksy

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Fleksy is a very smooth and fast keyboard application. In other words, you can type faster with this keyboard than others. However, different people prefer different things. If you like to have a keyboard like Gboard, but you do not want to install that keyboard application due to any reason, you can give this one a try.

Some of the best features of this app are:

  • Swipe typing: You can type faster with the help of glide typing feature. However, you need to have a small hand to do that.
  • Themes: You can change the theme of your keyboard so that you can find it different every time you open.
  • Word recommendation: You can find some next word recommendations so that you can select that word and complete your typing quicker.

Regarding price, Fleksy is available for free. However, you need to spend some dollars to unlock all the features.

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  1. John says:

    Great review on Fleksy, however, there are a few inaccuracies. Fleksy does not yet have swipe typing, it does have gesture typing though, which is unique to Fleksy and the contributed reason they hold the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest keyboard.

    You can purchase all of the Themes with Fleksycoins! You can earn endless Fleksycoins just by typing and sharing Fleksy with your friends.

    Fleksy has next word prediction as well as next service prediction that is called Fleksynext. The most notable feature of Fleksy is the Fleksy App Store comprised of Fleksyapps. Fleksyapps are mini-app programs that bring services and content like restaurant discoverer, Yelp, or GIF monger GIPHY, into the keyboard to make it easier for people to share fun things and access services they need.

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