Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory on Android Mobile

Android is evolving day by day, thanks to all the developers across the globe, who are spending countless amount of time to develop apps and fix real-life problems. It doesn’t matter how much memory you have on your mobile; it would finish eventually within few couples of days. To fix this problem, there are some necessary solutions. Here are some best lightweight apps to save memory on Android mobile within moments.

Low battery life is a common problem among all the Android users. Apart from a couple of mobiles, almost all phone users often get low battery warning on their mobile and hence they need to spend valuable time charging their mobiles. If you do not want to do that, here are some LITE version apps of popular Android apps that you are already using on your mobile.

Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

The “Lite” version apps save a lot of memory, bandwidth, as well as battery life. Therefore, you can check out the following list.

1. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

Everyone uses Facebook, and the Facebook app consumes a lot of memory, bandwidth. According to some people, this is a battery killer app. Therefore, you can switch to Facebook Lite, which is available for Android 2.3.3 and later version. You can get almost all the standard features, but the user interface is not that good. It comes with a look similar to the mobile version of Facebook. Talking about working things, you can connect with friends, respond to friend request, check updates from various friends, save photos, find social events in your local area, check out business reviews and many more.

2. Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

The Messenger of Facebook Messenger is installed on almost all the mobiles which have the Facebook app. This app helps you talk to each of your Facebook friends without any hustle. Therefore, if you have this Messenger app, you can uninstall that and install Messenger Lite app on your mobile, which is available for Android 2.3 or later version of Android. You can do all the things including free messaging, free calls, free video chat, free group chat, find people and so on. On the other hand, you can access the most usable thing aka stickers. People have been using stickers, and that is available in Messenger Lite app.

3. Gmail Go

Gmail Go Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

When the inbuilt Gmail app is consuming more than 100 MB space in your internal storage, you can do the same work by using only 30 MB. All you need to do is just install Gmail Go app, which is free and available for almost all the Android version. Although this is not much popular among Android mobile users, you can always opt for this app. Gmail Go allows you to do anything. From sending email to receiving a confidential document, you can do almost anything with the help of Gmail Go app. The user interface of Gmail Go and Gmail is practically identical. Therefore, you won’t get any issue to use it on your mobile.

4. YouTube Go

Who doesn’t want to be entertained? To get entertainment, there are some apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify etc. If you watch YouTube video a lot, you might find that it is consuming a lot of battery level and you need to spend a massive amount of bandwidth to use this app. Therefore, introducing YouTube Go, which is a pretty simple app as compared to standard YouTube app. Talking about usage, you can do almost anything with this YouTube Go app. You can discover trending videos, music etc. The most exciting thing is you can download video legally. For everything mentioned above, you need to spend only 9.4 MB of storage.

5. Internet Browser

Internet Browser Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is a ubiquitous and popular web browser among Android phone users. This is because they provide the best user experience. However, on the other hand, they consume a lot of bandwidth as well as space in your internal memory. Therefore, you can head over to Google Play Store and download Internet browser, which is a free web browser developed by Amazon Mobile LLC. They have recently launched this browser for Android only. The speciality of this browser is this is very small – only 2.4 MB and it works smoothly without any problem. The best thing is it works privately. In other words, you can use Incognito mode in the browser without any issue.

6. Skype Lite

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP calling app. Although it is available for almost all the platforms out there, you can download the Lite version of Skype for Android only. It consumes only 21 MB of storage, and Skype Lite is available for Android 4.0.3 or later version. The important thing is you should not find a vast difference between the standard app and the LITE version of Skype. The user interface is almost identical, and you can see all the functionalities those are available in the standard edition. For example, you can make a voice call, video call, chat with someone, chat in a group, and so on.

7. Camera360 Lite

Those, who take selfies a lot, Camera360 is a popular and handy app for them. However, it takes a lot of space on the internal storage. Therefore, you can opt for Camera360 Lite, which is profitable and free as always. You can do almost everything with the LITE version of Camera360 as you can do with the standard edition. Talking about features, you can add various effects, get fastest capture function, easy sharing option, and many more. On the other hand, you can make image ready for Instagram and all. The best thing is you can get real-time filters so that you can check how your image would be looking after editing.

8. Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

Like the Facebook app, the Twitter app is another battery killer for Android. Therefore, you can utilise the Twitter Lite app on your Android mobile, which is very light and you can use it on Android 5.0 or later version. The size of this app is only 642 KB, which is small in size. According to the official statement, you can use this app on 2G as well as 3G networks. Talking about the user interface, it has the same UI as the mobile version of the Twitter website.

9. LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn Lite Best Lightweight Apps to Save Memory

If you often search for jobs on LinkedIn, or you just want to be connected with your friends on LinkedIn but you do not want to spend much space, you can make use of the LinkedIn Lite app on Android mobile, which is very small in size (only 788 kb) and you can download it on Android 4.4 or later version. With the help of this app, you can search for jobs, research about any listed company and employees, and much more. This is also possible to send and receive a message from other connections you have.

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