Best Live TV Apps for Windows and Xbox

Nowadays, most people ple try to watch TV shows, films, etc. on either computer or mobile. If you have a busy schedule where you can put a TV in, you can check out these live TV apps for Windows and Mac. In these present days, a vast majority of people use either Windows or Mac. Therefore, if you are one of them and you want to watch live TV for news, entertainment or anything else, you will find these following apps useful. Not all of them are free, but you can try one by one so that you can find out which one works best for you.

Best Live TV Apps for Windows and Xbox

1] AT&T U-verse

AT&T U verse

AT&T U-verse is one of the best live TV apps for Windows computer. Not only just Windows 10 but also Windows 8.1 users can download it. On the other hand, this is available for 32-bit machine and 64-bit machine. Talking about features, it helps you watch some live TV channels right on your computer. The best thing about this tool is you can schedule a recording so that you can watch every show you want and do not miss anything for your busy schedule. Some of the essential features are as follows:

  • On-Demand Choose from thousands of shows and movies, and watch on your schedule.
  • Watch even more Live TV channels live when connected to your home network.
  • Schedule one-time or series recordings on your DVR at home.
  • The homepage highlights the shows that you care about most.
  • Guide Browse or search your TV.

Regarding price, you do not have to spend any money since this is available for free.

2] Sling TV

Sling TV

Although Sling TV app is not available for anything except Windows 10, you can find it for the 32-bit machine as well as the 64-bit machine. You can watch so many live TV channels with the help of this tool. Apart from living TV channels, you can find on-demand shows on this. According to the developers, you can find 150 channels and 10k hours of video on demand. Regarding features, you will get these functionalities in this app:

  • Watch live sports; popular kids show, hit series, breaking news, acclaimed movies, and more!
  • Only pay for the channels you love. Personalize your experience with our affordable Extras
  • Customize your viewing experience by adding channels, shows, and movies to your favorites
  • Start viewing on one device and finish on another. Sling TV is available on Xbox One, PC, Mac, Roku, iOS, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, LG & Samsung Smart TVs
  • Pause, Fast-Forward, and Rewind most channels

The user interface of this tool pretty good. No matter whether you want to watch movies or sports or news, everything is available in this app.

3] Live Sports and TV

Live Sports and TV

As the title defines, Live Sports and TV app helps you watch live TV channels related to almost everything including sports, films, news and so on. According to the developers, the channel database is crowd-sourced. The best thing about this tool is you can search for a channel, and the channel database is pretty huge. Therefore, there is a high chance of getting your favorite channel on this app. Regarding available functions, you will get these:

  • Explore almost one thousand live channels
  • Search for specific channels
  • Watch RTMP, RTMPE, HLS streams

Not only just TV channels but also you watch live social live videos from Facebook, Periscope, etc. That is the advantage of using Live Sports and TV app. The last but not the least thing is user interface. You should not get any problem regarding the user interface of this tool because it is smooth and quite better than some of the apps.

4] NetTV Plus

Best Live TV Apps for Windows and Xbox

NetTV Plus is popular among kids since there are thousands of on-demand videos related to kids. However, that doesn’t mean that an adult cannot use this app. Obviously, you can use it for your benefits. It offers 200+ En-Yu TV channels, channels grouped by categories like All, Kids, Sports, Music, Movies and so on. Apart from that, you can create your list of favorite TV channels. Some other features are:

  • 7 day Catch Up TV
  • Video on demand
  • The most popular radio stations

Regarding the system requirement, you can download NetTV Plus app on Windows 10 computer. However, if you have Windows 10 Mobile, you can download it too. This is meaningless to mention that you can get it for 32-bit machine as well as 64-bit machine.

5] FilmOn Live TV

FilmON Tv

Although you can record shows in HD, you cannot watch live TV in 1080p or HD quality. However, tons of categories are available. For example, you can watch shows related to Sports, News, Lifestyle, Movies, Shopping, Kids and more. After installing, it will show you all the TV channels those are available. Following that, you can click on any TV channel cons to open it accordingly. Therefore, it will start streaming on your computer without any problem. Nonetheless, it requires a good internet connection. The UI of FilmOn Live TV app is pretty and there’s nothing to claim since all the essential options are available in this app.

6] YouTube TV

YouTube TV

YouTube is being managed by Google and the same company has launched the YouTube TV that helps you watch live TV channels without any problem. Although you need to purchase a subscription, it worth every penny because of streaming quality and ease of access. Tons of popular TV channels including Cartoon Network, CNBC, Fox, ABC, NBC, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX New Channel, and more others are available in this YouTube TV app. In total, you will get more than 40 channels in YouTube TV. The UI of this app is probably the best in this category and you should get any issue finding the channel you want to stream. The only disadvantage of this tool is you need to have a Xbox One to install it since it doesn’t support Windows 10. The subscription of this app costs around $40/month.

Considering everything, the AT&T U-verse and Sling TV are probably the best to stream live TV channels on your Windows computer. However, if you want to watch live TV on Xbox One, you should opt for YouTube TV.

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