Best Password Generator Apps for Android

Android is an awesome platform for mobile and tablet and this is being used by millions of people from across the globe. Android has a plus point. It comes with more free apps than any other platforms. Although, some other platforms often provide very quality apps, but Android is not too far from them.


Nowadays, password plays a vital role. You should always avoid using “password123”, “qwerty123”, date of birth, important dates etc. as your password and use some strong passwords that are more difficult to guess for someone. There are many ways to create very strong password that is useful in these present days, but when you are on mobile, it seems quite difficult to make such things. For example, you cannot switch from one app to another browser tab to use online password generators. It may close the app some time.

Therefore, to solve such problems, here is a solution. You can simple use third party password generator apps those will work offline and you can get help from them anytime. Here are two most useful password generator apps for Android, what will let you create strong password without any problem.

Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator - Best Password Generator Apps for Android

Random Password Generator is a free Android application that will assist you to create strong password within seconds. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create strong password. You just have to set it up according to your requirement. Random Password Generator is available for Android 4.0.3 and later version. The most interesting thing is you do not need rooted Android device to use this app. You can have several things to check. For instance, whether you want to use lowercase or not. Just like that, you can use the following things in a password,

  • Alphabets or alphabetical characters
  • Lowercase
  • Uppercase
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Space

And more. Another interesting thing is this is possible to set password length. For example, you can set 16 words password or 8 words password or anything else. The more is the better.

Download: Random Password Generator (Free)

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Password Creator

password creator - create strong password

Password Creator is yet another awesome strong password creator app for Android that is available for Android 2.3.3 and later version. You can have quite similar features as Random Password Generator. However, it comes with a material design, which looks good at first attempt. On the other hand, it has a built-in password manager. That means, you do not have to remember all the strong passwords or save it somewhere. Instead, you can use Password Creator as your password manager. Alike the aforementioned app, you can use alphabets, number, lowercase, uppercase, symbols and others to create a password.

Download: Password Creator (Free)

Your Turn

Do not use any easy to remember password. They are vulnerable and it makes the task easy for an attacker. Instead, you can simply use these two free strong password generator apps for Android and create your very own password. The most useful thing is you can have different password for different sites.

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