3 Ways to Convert RSS Feeds To PDF NewsLetters

You have lots of RSS Feeds to read everyday and some of the very popular blogs and news websites publish tons of content on a daily basis. You don’t have time to read all those posts and subscribing to the weekly email newsletter leaves your inbox with dozens of unread emails.

Then there are different ways to read RSS feeds offline, but the only problem of using a portable feed reader is that you will need an Internet connection to update your reading list. If all these methods sounds unmanageable and you want a better way to read RSS feeds, it’s a good idea to convert RSS feeds into PDF newsletters. With the PDF newsletter of your reading list, you can read them from your Android mobile while travelling to office.

Here are some best websites which can be used to convert RSS feeds to PDF:

Fivefilters.org – Turn RSS Feeds to PDF Newspaper

Fivefilters.org lets you quickly convert a website’s RSS feed into a downloadable PDF document which will contain all the recent posts and articles published on the website. Apart from converting feeds, the website also lets you convert a partial feed to it’s equivalent full version, so that you can subscribe to the full text form in your feed reader (see example).

Convert RSS feeds to PDF documentsUsing Five filters is very easy – simply enter the feed URL of any website or blog and hit the “Create PDF” button. Once the PDF newspaper is ready, you can download it on your computer or mobile device and read it offline.

The site has some other tools to explore e.g extracting keyword feeds for any subject or sending articles to your Kindle or e reader app directly from the app interface.

Tabbloid: Convert RSS Feed to PDF and Get Them On Your Email Inbox

Tabbloid is another interesting RSS to PDF mashup which lets you merge multiple RSS feeds into a single feed and delivers a PDF summary to your email address. The interesting thing regarding Tabbloid is that you can configure the newspaper delivery at a particular time or date.

So if you want to read all the stuff from New York Times on a weekly basis, it would be worthwhile to give Tabloid a try. Sign up for a fee account, enter your favorite site’s RSS feed URL, mash them up and it’s done. Next, pick a delivery date and Tabbloid will deliver all the articles to you email in PDF format.

Convert RSS feeds to PDF using Tabbloid

When the PDF newsletter arrives in your email, you can download the PDF and copy it to your iPod, mobile and read those posts while traveling, during lunch break at your office or when you do not have internet access.No signups or registrations are required to use the service and you can create separate groups for separate set of feeds.

Another unique feature of Tabbloid is that the site gives you a unique URL for the subscriptions, so you can easily share the newsletter with anyone. A creative idea would be to create a weekly PDF newletter of your blog and share the link with your readers.

Feed2PDF: Convert Blog Articles To PDF

Another very useful web tool which lets you selectively choose articles from a specific website and merge them into a PDF ebook. Just enter the feed URL and select the individual posts which you want to convert, Feed2PDF will merge all these posts into a PDF document and will let you download it or copy to your Scribd or Google Docs account.

Create a PDF newspaper with blog posts

You can specify how many feed items you want the app to fetch and the site will combine all the articles from multiple sources into a single PDF document (see example). If I were to choose between Fivefilters and Feed2PDF, I would opt for the second one as the file is kept online for 10 days and offers good formatting options.

What’s your favorite RSS to PDF conversion service? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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