How to enable reading mode and dark mode in Google Chrome for Android

If you are someone who uses your Android device a lot for browsing the internet and reading a lot of interesting stuff using your browser, then you might find the reading mode feature really useful.

Most websites these days have a lot of flash contents, dynamically updating information, and some interrupting ads too which might come in your way of reading the stuff that is actually important.

If you have reading mode enabled in your device, then all these unwanted contents, other than the main text on the website will be blocked by your browser allowing you to read what you want without any interruptions.

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However, not many popular Android browsers or websites support the reading mode by default, but thankfully you can enable it by getting around some settings in your browser and since Google Chrome is the most popular and the default browser that comes with most Android devices, this guide would explain how to enable it in the Google Chrome Browser.

Just follow the below steps to enable the reading mode in the Google Chrome browser for Android subsequently followed by the dark mode to reduce strain to your eyes especially during night times.

How to enable reading mode and dark mode in Google Chrome for Android

Step 1:

Open the Google Chrome browser on your Android device and open the settings by clicking the options button on the top right corner of the browser.

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Step 2:

Now under the advanced settings option, open the accessibility settings and then enabled the simplified view option.

This option, once enabled will offer you to switch to the simplified view whenever you visit a website which supports this feature.

Step 3:

Once you have enabled the simplified view feature on your Google Chrome browser, it will be automatically enabled once you visit a supported website.

After enabling the simplified view on a website, click the settings icon on the top right corner of your browser once again and this time click on the Appearance option.

Step 4:

Inside the Appearance options select the dark option and the night mode will now be automatically enabled on the website you are currently in.

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You can also choose to change the font styles, size of the text and can switch between the light, dark and sepia options.

reading mode

Enable reading mode or mobile friendly view for all websites:

While the above method allows you to enable the reading mode or the simplified view only for the supported websites, this method however enables the reading mode or the mobile friendly view for all the websites you visit from the Google Chrome browser.

Here is how to enable it on your Android device.

Step 1:

Open the Google Chrome browser on your device and then paste the below link on the address bar and press enter to visit the Chrome flags page.


Step 2:

In the Chrome flags main page, search for the Reader option by using the Find in Page option from the settings menu in Google Chrome by clicking on the icon at the rop right corner of your browser.

Step 3:

Once you have found the Reader mode triggering option on the flags main page, just click on the option and change it from Default to always.

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Step 4:

Now relaunch the Google Chrome browser and from now on, your browser will allow you to view whatever website you visit through it in mobile friendly view or reader mode. This will work on webpages even if they don’t support simplified view by default.

You can always change this option back to default by going back again to the Google Chrome flags page if you think some webapages or not displaying properly or some contents or not loading fully.

Alternatively you can just close the browsers suggestion to enter into mobile friendly view or hit the back button to return back to the normal browsing mode.

Other tips for readers:

If you are an avid reader but don’t have time to read all those valuable information that is available on the internet, then you might find this option really useful and interesting.

This is a tool called Browser reader for Chrome, which will read out loud whatever text you are selecting on the Google Chrome browser on your Android device.

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You also have the options to control volume, speech speed and pitch amount with this tool along with an option to select the accent you prefer. This app might really come in handy if you travel a lot but also don’t want to miss out on the latest news and information your favourite websites has to offer.

If you know any other interesting and useful options for readers to be excited about, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Also, let us know which one of the above mentioned methods worked well on your device

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