Export Google Chrome History To CSV, Text Or HTML File

Although Google Chrome has it’s own in built history viewer, like every other browser has one – there is no way to export Google Chrome’s browsing history to CSV, text or HTML. This article will show you how you can export Chrome browsing history to CSV or other formats so that you can check everything minutely. Not only Chrome but also you can do the same with other browsers such as Firefox, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Opera, and so on.

Viewing the browsing history is not a difficult job. Although Google Chrome shows a very convenient history tab with user-friendly date and time stamp, you may not find the same in other browsers. They show everything but something is missing. The other reason of using this article is you cannot export the browsing history to check on other computer.

There may be situations when you might want to save Google Chrome’s browsing history as a text file or as CSV for excel but as of this date, Google Chrome has not incorporated any way to backup or export the list of websites you visited during a particular period of time. (note that the developers are already testing a newer browsing history page for Chrome, so the backing up of browsing history in Google Chrome might just be coming in a future version)

Let’s assume that you want to check what your kids are searching for on the internet. As of today, countless people have become victims of online fraud because of their kid, who is unaware of genuine-looking scams. To take an extra care of your pocket and kid, you should often check the browsing history of your kid. Obviously, you can do that on the same computer. If you do not have such time and you want to do the scan in spare time, you can export the history to an Excel file with the help of this tutorial.

Export Google Chrome History To CSV, Text Or HTML File

As the in-built options are not capable of doing the job, you need to take the help of a third-party software called ChromeHistoryView. This is a very simple yet handy application, which works smoothly on Windows XP and all the later versions including Windows 10. No matter whether you have an old version of Chrome, latest version, beta version, or anything else, you can certainly utilize this tool to get maximum benefits.

Export Google Chrome History To CSV, Text Or HTML File

Chrome History view is a portable application for Windows which can be used to download Google Chrome history as a text, CSV, Excel, XML or HTML file.  The tool lets you backup the list of URL’s visited during a particular period of time in Google Chrome, along with the date, Title, number of successive visits and other important parameters. This can be useful in more situations than one, when you want to see all the URL’s and domains accessed from a particular computer in office or workplace.

Export Google Chrome History To CSV, Text Or HTML File

Another creative feature may be to filter URL’s during a particular time of the day or the number of times it has been opened in Google Chrome. Since, the program lets you export the list of URL’s visited in Google Chrome to Microsoft Excel, you can apply all the advanced Excel functions and filter rules, as required.

To save the browsing history, you need to select what you want to save first. After that, click the save button visible in the menu bar. Then, you have to select a location where you want to save the file, give it a name, and choose a file format. According to the list, you can save the history in .txt, .html, .csv, and .xml.

ChromeHistoryView offers some options so that you can customize it according to your requirements. As mentioned, you can use other browsers as well. For that, you need to open the settings panel of this tool. You can find some preset browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, etc. If you cannot find the browser, you need to make a tick in the checkbox saying ‘Use the following history file or User Data folder,’ click the Browse button, and choose the history folder or file of your browser.

All the regular browsers have a history file and you need to select that here. Apart from this, there are more options. You can show URLs visited in last 5 days, 10 days, 15 days, or so. The most important feature is you can select date and time to find all the accessed sites between a particular time range.

That’s all! This is as simple as said to use. Hope this handy tool helps you export Google Chrome history to CSV, TXT, or HTML.

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