Manage All Chat And Messaging Services At One Place From Desktop

Social Networking isn’t simple anymore.

Even though it has brought people poles apart closer and made this world a small place, it isn’t simple. Not only people who run businesses online and use social networking sites as an advertising platform, mere a normal person is busy managing different networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn everyday restlessly. Dealing with the fact that different sites serve different purposes well and too dangerous to get way from, you end up wondering whey there isn’t a single place which could accomplish social networking like a cakewalk.

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Since the advent of smartphones, another face of social networking started to emerge, which is messaging services. There is WhatsApp for your closed ones, Facebook Messenger for partly closed ones who can contact you but cannot know your mobile number, Google Hangouts for friends who doesn’t have a Facebook account due to privacy concerns and use Gmail, Skype for relatives living in foreign, Slack for your work colleagues etc. This list goes on. Even though you put your smartphone on Airplane mode, your PC keeps ringing since all of them are available for desktops.


Again, managing something complex isn’t simple.

The same problem persists in the case of messaging services that each one among above is important for many people out there. It is not an easy thing to manage all of them. Especially if you use them from your desktop for whatever reasons, signing in into each and every service, and navigating from window to window while chatting is one heck of a thing. This is exactly when Franz comes into picture.


Simply put, Franz is a free messaging app for desktops which combines all most all chatting and messaging services under the sun into one application. The idea is simple without a doubt, but the usage it offers is huge. Imagine a corporate employee using his desktop engaging his colleagues in Slack, catching up with friends using Facebook messenger, conferencing a meeting using Skype. Literally he would be jumping between these apps here and there. Frenz puts all of them under one roof thereby eliminating all the headache. It currently supports ten popular messaging services which include WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, GroupMe and Grape. More than one can ask for.

The great feature of Franz which I liked the most is the ability to add multiple accounts under one service. For example, you are a freelancer like me and has engagements with various work teams around the world who use Slack for communication or use different Facebook accounts because of some unavoidable reasons, you would really find using Fraz a delight. The developers say that you can use five Facebook messenger accounts at once. Similar case with other services too.


If you are wondering what happens if you transfer confidential information while communicating, according to the makers, Franz doesn’t read anything you type, send or receive. It is just like a facilitator which sits between you and the messaging service. Its job is only to see whether the sent message gets delivered or not.

The great thing about Franz is it is completely free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download it for free from here or read the back story of the product here.

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