Indoor Navigation App for Android: Why and How?

Have you heard about indoor navigation app or system? Have you ever stumbled to find the brand new food joint inside your favorite shopping mall? I bet, you felt that an indoor navigation or way finding app could serve you better. Right?

Yes. Always, the situation gets a bit misty when you walk into large constructions like Airports, museum, multi-storied parking bays, shopping centers and alike.

You are indoor and you are a blind spot for the GPS and alike systems.

Thankfully, when GPS is not going to help you to explore the floor plans of an entire facility indoor navigation app aka indoor way finding app is the beacon in the dark. Although, these apps function in a bit different manner but once you employ a bit of your wit into it, the rest is just a walk in the park.

Likewise, in this article we will discuss about the best indoor navigation apps for Android.

Google indoor maps


It’s Google and it’s the best of the lot. Google never leaves you in the  dark even when you are indoor. Google indoor maps serves its users in a unparalleled way. It’s an built in option right in Google Maps. Google indoor maps has its own directory from which you can search inside floor plans of the popular places.

The workaround is simple. Launch Google maps on your Android. Search the place on the map. Zoom in until you find a indoor floor plan for that place and you are done. From the indoor floor plan you can choose different levels, floors and you can also get directions to locate a particular spot inside that building. Awesomely great. Right?

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Moreover, you can also contribute to this Google indoor maps program and enhance the accuracy of the same. If you are building your app, you can add your indoor maps to Google maps and make it available for your customers in the same through Google Maps API.

Path guide


As Microsoft says, this application is a new approach to indoor navigation. It doesn’t depend on the GPS signal for the navigational purposes as GPS signal tend to get weaker once we step inside a humongous building.

You can download this indoor navigation app right from the Play store and locating the new cafe, you’ve always wanted to visit, within your favorite shopping center is a tap away.

This particular application depends on the digital sensors housed inside our smartphones. Sensors like accelerometers, compasses, barometers and gyroscopes are readily available on our smartphones and Path guide uses a continuous stream of data gathered by these sensors to create accurate indoor navigational instructions and positioning.

Proudly mothered by Microsoft Research Asia’s Cloud & Mobile research group, this indoor way finding app for android does wonder by offering a low-cost, plug-and-play navigation service.



This indoor navigation application is probably the best solution both for users and brick and mortar business owners. This intuitive Android app enables businesses to offer an interactive navigational experience to its users which in turn creates a bond of understanding between the same.

The chief motto of this application is to provide a seamless positioning and navigation guidance to customers once they step inside the business’s building.

According to the development team, Indoorway is able to make precise measurements along within digital paths which make the entire floor plan open to the users who walk upon that. Truly, this application is built for the smart buildings of the future generations.

Primarily, by working with the most types of smart guiding beacons available today, the chief functionality of this application is to collect the data streams spewed by tons of sensors from the user’s smartphones.

Secondarily, it employs big data and machine learning algorithms to analyse the total footfall of a point of time and sends this data to a business intelligence tool which enables business owners to make informed decisions. Surely, it’s a win-win situation both for the users and businesses.

Anyplace indoor service


It’s another valued member in this list. As its developer team says, it’s one-of-its-kind indoor navigation app which can be tagged as GPS-less approach to indoor way finding system. Its accuracy comes from an indoor localization and navigation technology.

Moreover, for its accuracy this application has already bagged many international awards recently. The chief elements behind this technology are big data management, energy-aware processing and multi-device optimization. Added to this, this application also gets its necessary boost from crowd-sourcing.

This energy efficient rather energy-aware application enables its users with a real time indoor location position guidance. Lastly, this application promises to deliver its indoor way finding brilliance without the need of any expensive hardware attachment.

This indoor navigation app for Android also works well outdoor by leveraging GPS technology. So, for both indoor and outdoor maps application this technology does well without a glitch.

Indoor GPS


It’s quite possible that your indoor navigation need may cost you a hefty roaming charge and make a dent in your travelling budget. Indoor GPS app can kill that burden of yours as it doesn’t require any sort of internet connectivity for its functionality.

Actually, this app is more popular in the form of a SDK. You can create your own indoor maps of builder floor plans that you are visiting for the first time.

Simply pointing the camera of your android device to the inside floor plan image of a construction can earn you a full functional indoor navigation and positioning map. This YouTube video can speak in a better way.

After you finish the necessary steps, you will be able to pinpoint your position on the indoor map as your device will get tracked through GPS technology.

I bet, this list doesn’t end here as with each passing moment potential technologies are popping out from their developer’s room and they are pushing the indoor navigation technology to reach a new benchmark.

Eventually, we never really get lost these days. Thanks to digital mapping applications like these with both outdoor and indoor navigation features. It’s great.

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