GrindStone Helps You To Keep Track Of Time Spent On Different Tasks

Keeping track of time spent on various tasks is very important, because often times we get carried away from one task to another eventually messing the whole scenario and not completing any of the tasks at all.

Folks who handle multiple tasks at a time, tend to lose track of how much time they are devoting for each work and forget that a work must be finished at a particular time. There are web based task management apps like WorkFlowy, Teux Deux, ThoughtBoxes and Google Tasks but if you are looking for a free Windows program for task management, try Grindstone.

Grindstone is a very handy tool to see, measure, record or set times for different tasks. This free application will let you create a list of tasks and an estimated time of completion or a due date. There is also an hourly charge rate for calculations, so you can track how much time you are spending on a particular task or project.

It can be found on the desktop as a small floating widget from where we can pause, resume or switch over from one task to the other. If you are likely to spend a good amount of time on a particular task, you may activate an “egg timer” which is useful for keeping track of time spend on tasks from desktop.

How Can Grindstone Help You:

Task management program: All of us have different ways of managing the same set of tasks. So it is most convenient if we are allowed to design our own methodologies of getting things done. Here we can customize fields of tasks or create different views like  tasks that are due, or tasks grouped by due date etc.

    Stop watch tool:
    It is a small wedge that hovers on the desktop and helps us to pause and start any task quickly or switch tasks via a drop down menu.

      Away detection:
      It starts away detection after a user defined time interval. Grindstone will ask about the time spent, allowing you to allocate it to anyone of its predefined tasks if applicable. This feature makes this application useful for measuring non-computer based tasks.

        Egg timer:
        It is a very good tool when it comes to gauging certain time spans. It helps us to allocate time for various tasks in order and help us remind ourselves of the precise amount of time spend. (also read: online alarm clocks timers and stopwatch websites)

        Reminders: It’s a nice when we are reminded of the time if one task has exceeded the initial estimation of time. It is up to the user to set this certain time interval. It also has a so-called “work a holic deterrent” option that reminds the user that he has exceeded the amount of time that he had intended to work for that day.

          Multiple profile creation: This feature enables users to create multiple profiles and have different defined hourly charges and even different columns or fields defined for each different profile. It is also possible to move tasks or histories across different profiles.

            Travel Installation:
            A portable installation can be done via the Grindstone interface and can be carried on the way. So if you use multiple computers and need a portable task management application, Grindstone just might be the app you are looking for.

            Grindstone is compatible with all versions of windows from Windows  XP to Windows 7. Do give Grindstone a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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