Manage Your All Movies and TV Shows using Mizuu

Are you a music lover? Do you watch movies on your mobile or tablet? If so, obviously, you regularly store loads of movies and TV shows in your mobile. This is usually a common phenomenon among all of them, who watch movies a lot.

Manage Your All Movies and TV Shows using Mizuu

Things are OK, but most of the people often waste lots of time to get a specific movie or TV show when they have a lot of files. As usual, it eats much time to regulate your all movies and TV shows that you have in your mobile or tablet. That’s where Mizuu comes in.

Mizuu is a video file aka movie and TV show management app, which can be found at free of cost for Android. You can download Mizuu on Android 4.0.3 or later versions. This quite simple Android app helps you to manage all your local storage videos along with online videos.

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A Few Things to Know About Mizuu


  • First thing first. This is where people make a mistake. You should know this fact about Mizuu that Mizuu is not like other music management apps what organizes or categorizes all your music and videos. Instead, Mizuu works on only purchased videos or web videos.
  • Mizuu is not a service like Netflix. You can rip DVD or Blu-Ray discs to get Mizuu worked. On the other hand, you can also manage all your purchased movies and TV shows using Mizuu.
  • It can help you to manage all local files on your device, Samba, UPnP or DLNA compatible devices.
  • It can show all the details of any existing movie that you have on your device.


  • Mizuu can display all the upcoming movies too. Apart from the movie name or poster, you can also find movie duration, star cast, trailer, lead role holders and so forth.
  • Apart from the movie details, you can find similar movies as well.
  • Mizuu can show all high rated movies. This rating comes from TMDb and TheTVDB.
  • If you have an account on, you can synchronize and watch popular TV shows on your mobile.
  • Mizuu doesn’t come with a video player. The web videos play via respective players and local videos play via your installed video player.
  • You can watch popular videos of YouTube, Reddit and TED.

Visual Design


Mizuu has got a major UI update couple of days back. Now, Mizuu is compatible with Android Lollipop. That implies now you can get Material UI, which is really eye-catching, neat and clean.

Bottom Line

Being a free application, Mizuu has been offering so many great features to organize your movies and TV shows. If you have a lot of movies or other TV shows on your Android mobile or tablet, you can use Mizuu to manage them in a better way.

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