7 Most Innovative Android Apps of 2014

With an app today for almost anything you can think of, there is a lot of competition out there. Some developers go for better performance than rivals, while others aim to tap new markets and uncharted territories. But only a few strive to create markets of their own through innovative ideas. Check out our list of the most innovative android apps which were popular in 2014 –

1. Snap Clap

With this unique app you can take pictures whenever you want with just a clap of your hands. Smartphones are equipped with the best of cameras today but taking a group photo means someone ends up on the wrong end of the camera to click the snaps. But now you can just place your device wherever you want, additionally put on your Android wear and clap your hands to start the timer. Works with both the primary and the secondary cameras. A great way to take selfies?


2. Aviate Launcher

While all launchers aim to enhance the interface of your Android and adorn it with utilities, Yahoo’s Aviate launcher thrives to make it more simple. At the same time, it maintains the elegance and dynamism of Android by displaying you apps on your homescreen based on the both the time of the day and the statistics of your phone usage. Further utilities include automatic favorite contacts with swipe feature, weather and traffic conditions on the screen when you are out of the house, work apps at office times, and pictures plus reviews of the outlets you visit. Worth a shot right?



 3. Mouth Off

One of the most creative apps I have ever come across, Mouth Off converts your phone into real time innovative mouths that can be used by putting the phone in front of your face. As u speak or shout, the movement of the virtual mouth varies with the sounds you make. There are about 46 mouths to chose from including the likes of robots and monsters. Fun way to talk?



4. Ghostery Browser

While all browsers aim to be fast and fancy, Ghostery has something entirely different in mind. It aims to protect your privacy and makes your Internet life secure. Ghostery keeps a record of which trackers or scripts by companies are keeping a tab of your browsing history, like all the pages you visit or the advertisements you click, and gives you options to disable them. And if you want to repay the work this browser is doing, you can enable the Ghostrank feature and opt in to share information about the trackers you encountered to help improve their database. A revolutionary browser?



5. IFTTT (If This Then That)

Ever thought of a virtual pet robot that does all the recurring activities for you? Well IFTTT hits that chord with great panache. The app does all the general online work for you automatically, based on a simple algorithm of ‘IF this THEN that.’ For example, the moment you change your Facebook picture, the app will upload the same to Instagram. Or every time you take a picture with your phone camera, the app will upload it to Dropbox. The possibilities are endless and the ingenuity of the idea is invaluable.



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6. TapPath Browser Helper

TapPath is kind of an extension for your Android browser which adds additional tapping features to play around with links. For example, a single click on a link will open your default browser. On the other hand, double clicking on the link may Push it to your computer using Pushbullet and triple clicking on it can directly save it to Pocket. You can customize the app in any way you want. Productive browsing?




7. Unclouded

Cloud services have made the world a happier place as users don’t have to worry about the storage space on their phones now. But what is even better than Clouds? Organized clouds. Unclouded helps you manage your uploads across multiple clouds and organize those random automatic uploads that clutter your cloud space. The app can even find duplicate file uploads across multiple Clouds services. This helps you not to go out of space and buy additional cloud storage.



All these apps are a must if you want to try out something new or productive. Did I miss any of your favorite apps in 2014? Please tell us with your comments.



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