OneNote for Mac and Windows

Microsoft’s OneNote, one of the most popular note taking app made a real and much awaited announcement recently. OneNote for Mac is now a reality and thankfully, without a single buck. Now, with this release, OneNote is available on every platform we care about like, Web, Handhelds and Laptops.

Now,you can directly create, annotate, edit, save and organize your ideas, shopping lists, meeting notes, projects to OneNote web-app and all of your smart devices that runs on Android OS, iOS or Windows will always be in sync with the web. In one word, this digital binder will follow you and will carry your notes to wherever you go. Moreover, OneNote keeps your notes in sync with your OneDrive cloud account which is always safe and easy to access from anywhere. added to this, its cloud API enables any other app to connect to it.



Quick Web Clipper

With the recent Feedly integration and with existing web clipper extensions for browsers like, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, OneNote is now one of the most used web clipper. It’s spartan design and clean interface enables it’s users to clip their favorite part of any web page through a single click and let save it as a quick note in no time. Added to this, one can now send the entire article from his favorite blog directly to his personal OneNote account and the list contains some really popular web content and RSS readers like Feedly, News360 and Weave.

You can always play with it at home, school, work or anywhere to capture thoughts, ideas and to-do’s. Later find these all within your notes quickly in the recent view for brain-storming with them. Personally, Evernote lacks some of the notes organizing functionality that OneNote proudly posses under it’s belt.

If you use Microsoft Office, then you are already aware of Outlook and how you configure it to send emails straight from your desktop or laptop using it. If you are not, OneNote carries with it a beautiful feature which enables you to save notes just by sending an email to it from outlook.

If you have any Windows Live ID, just sign in to set it up by choosing your default account from where you want to send the mail to It means whatever document your eyes see can be send to OneNote using this feature.

OneNote apps

There are some smart applications dedicated to OneNote both on Windows and Apple store with different functionality. For any note taking app, document capturing and scanning are one among the must have features. OneNote dose not lack these virtues.

With Office Lens, a popular windows phone app for OneNote, one can capture documents, pictures or anything and send that to his OneNote account under quick notes section. What Office Lens will do is that, it will enhance the image and will make it a searchable item as OneNote supports OCR(Optical Character Recognition). It’s like having a small sized scanner in your pocket. You are never going to miss a single equation written on the board in your class.

There are also a bunch of document scanning app for OneNote like, Brother, Neat, Epson. Added to this, mobile document scanning apps like Genius Scan and JotNot don’t offer any less. A great way to store and categorize. Don’t stop here. Add more to OneNote with services like, Livescribe, Mod Notebooks. Learning is always a fun.

Lastly, if you own a app on any platform and want to make it work with the OneNote’s growing acceptance, the developers portal is waiting for you. Know more with the OneNote Dev Blog. If you have any other ideas or information about this great note taking app, feel free to share with us.

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