Recover Data with Wondershare Within A Few Simple Steps

In this age of data liberation and data theft, we always deal with our personal data issues pretty seriously. Every day we try thousand ways to keep our personal or official data safe and secure. The most importantly, within our reach.

Accidents happen and we lose our precious data. Then comes the real deal, how to recover data from any memory storage we use like, our computers or Laptops, USB devices, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, iPod, MP3/MP4 players and other popular gadgets.? Wondershare data recovery software helps us in those hard times.


According to the publisher’s description this software can recover data from more than five hundred of different file formats like photos, videos, music, documents, email and zip files and etc. It can recover data in different data loss scenarios like Shift + Del or Empty the recycle bin without backup, unexpectedly formatted the drive, Unexpected Power off, reinstallation of OS, hard disk crash, improper partition, partition error or factory settings of the device without back up and so on.


We will try to give you a detailed look of the software in the rest of the following article. Be with us and maybe you can find your particular solution too.

Wizard Mode:

After a quick installation process of Wondershare data recovery software, you will be taken to the wizard mode of the software. If you are confused with the software then choose this mode and just sit back. The wizard mode will guide you through the software and you will end up recovering your lost data. In this mode, you just need to answer two simple questions.

The first question is about the type of file you want to recover. You will get a list of different types of files. Choose your type by clicking on the respective radio button. You can also select ‘all files’ option if you want to recover more than one type of file at a time. Once you are done choosing the right option, click on the next button.


You will get your second question on the next page. You need to choose from a list of locations of your devices from where you have lost your file. Don’t remember the place? Don’t worry, you can search your whole computer or search the folder if you know exactly the place by giving the folder path.


Now, you can start to find your lost data. You can choose between “Deep Scan” and “Raw File Recovery” option. The first one helps you with data loss due to formatting, while another one can help to retrieve long-lost files for different reasons. You can ignore it too.


You will get an option to preview your lost files before recovery. During the recovery process you can filter through the scanning result using file name or path. If your file is already in the scanned ones, then pause the process and recover your file. Thankfully, you will not have to wait for whole goddamn recovery process.

Furthermore, you can go over the path of your files by changing between the tabs in the left hand panel.Create a folder on your local drive and save the files into it. Just remember one thing, do not save files to the location where you lost your files.

Standard Mode:

There is also a standard mode to recover your file. If you select this mode you will have four options, namely, Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery and Resume Recovery. Lost file recovery helps you when you smartly pressed Shift Delete and realize your mistake later or absent-mindedly emptied your recycle bin.

Moreover, partition Recovery supports the recovery anything related to your partition, as the name stated. Also, If you have tried all scan options, but still don’t get any hopeful result of your lost files, then you should try one more time with raw file recovery option. It may take a bit more time than earlier but at the end it will buy your smile.

Anytime, you can save your scan result to resume it later. If you already saved a scan result, then import it and choose resume recovery to save your time.

Wondershare data recovery software brings a perfect solution for us. It is available in both trial and paid versions. You can download it for Mac also. The free version will allow you to recover up to 100MB data. Personally, you don’t have to be brilliant with your tech skills to use this software, just be good enough like a novice.

Feel free to share your ideas on this article with us.

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