A Review Of The Best Kindle E-Readers And Some Kindle Alternatives

If you love binge-reading and are an absolute bookworm, then you definitely cannot resist a Kindle e-reader. It is the easiest and most economic way to access as many books as you wish to, from the comfort of your home. However, if you have an old Kindle E-reader or any old E-reader, and are considering an upgrade, then you must make the right choice.

Since Kindle belongs to Amazon, it’s not a stagnant platform that lacks innovation and creativity. In fact, Kindle rolls out new products every now and then. Presently, Kindle Audible is the new rage and that calls for additional capabilities, such as more storage and better battery life. Once these criteria are met, then you can hoard up all the ebooks and audiobooks that you want to, in your Kindle library. Below listed are some of the most trending Kindle E-book readers that meet these criteria and more.

Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation E-Reader

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite comes with a 6-inch anti-glare screen, which has twice as much storage, laser-quality text, and a long-lasting battery. As this Kindle e-reader comes with IPX8 level certification, you can enjoy a good read even as you soak in the tub. After all, when you purchase this Kindle e-book reader, you get 3 months free Kindle unlimited. If you are now worried about how many books you can store in your Kindle library, then that’s something you can choose.


You can now store as many books as you like in your Kindle library and choose between the 8 GB and 32 GB Kindle Paperwhite models. The color options are however limited to two, so you can either choose black or twilight blue. As the Kindle Paperwhite comes with Bluetooth, you can easily connect it to portable speakers and listen to your favorite ebook, from almost anywhere. This Kindle ebook reader comes with WiFi and free cellular connectivity, which means that you can connect it to the internet, just like you connect your smartphone. However, the difference is that you need not pay for the internet as Amazon will bear that expense.

Kindle E-Reader 8th Generation

The 8th Generation Kindle E-reader is a lot thinner and refined than most of its predecessors, and comes in black and white colors. Although more recent versions have been rolled out, this Kindle E-Reader continues to remain one of the most preferred products. After all, this product costs around $80 and that makes it one of the most pocket-friendly upgraded Kindle e-reader models. Also, the 8th Generation Kindle E-Reader stays on top of the list as it has all the features that an average reader would ask for. It comes with 4GB of memory, a 167 ppi resolution, and a 6 inch screen.


So who wouldn’t like to spend half as much as one would spend on a Kindle Paperwhite, and get almost the same set of features. In fact, except for the memory, resolution and front lights, there isn’t any big difference between the two. As this 8th Generation Kindle e-reader is completely glare-free, it won’t stress your eyes even if you read it while sunbathing on a beach. If you plan to listen to audiobooks on Audible, then this one comes all set for that.

On the other hand, if you are picking a Kindle 8th Generation for one of your kids, then it’s going to be of great use. You’d be glad to know that this one facilitates easier exporting of notes, and lets you email or print them in PDF format. This makes it extremely easy for your kids to work on their school or college assignments. It also comes with the Smart Lookup feature that lets you reference meanings of difficult words straight from the Oxford dictionary. As it comes with WhisperSync, you can bookmark, highlight and annotate quite effortlessly.

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

This is a 7-inch Kindle e-reader that comes in Champagne Gold and Graphite colors. The price of this product varies based on your preferences. The 8 GB Kindle Oasis costs around $ 250 and 32 GB version costs $280. Both these versions of the Kindle Oasis come with 3 months of free Kindle unlimited, which is then auto-renewed. This Kindle e-reader comes with IPX8 level certification and is waterproof, so you can carry it to the pool or the beach, for a good read.


The Kindle Oasis also supports Kindle Audible, and is a fine replacement, just in case your old one doesn’t. This intuitive gadget comes with auto-adjusting light sensors, which adjusts itself according to the surrounding lighting conditions. So, this not only minimizes the stress on your eyes, but also saves time as you don’t have to change the settings manually. The Kindle Oasis also comes with a glare-free screen and 25 LED front lights, which makes it brighter and easier on the eyes. This one also comes with WhisperSync, Smart Lookup and all other features that you find in the Kindle Paperwhite, but comes with a screen that’s an inch bigger.

Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage is an amazing 6 inch e-reader that’s smaller and lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite, by at least 25 grams. Now that may not seem like it’s too much but if you are talking of holding it for hours at a stretch, then that definitely makes a difference. Moreover, as it is just 7.6 mm in thickness, you’ll find it extremely convenient to hold it while reading your favorite book. However, it may take some time to get your head around it as there is a slight difference in how you navigate through the library. Also, it comes with free cloud storage to store all the content that you access from Amazon.


Its 300 ppi resolution gives you more clarity and a superior reading experience, while the adaptive front lights make it a treat to use this device, whether it’s day or night. You can also migrate from your old kindle device and set up your library on the new Kindle e-reader within minutes.

Also, it takes around 3 hours to fully charge your Kindle Voyage’s battery, which can last for weeks. That makes it perfect for avid readers and also for those who plan to use Audible for long hours. After all, audio streaming does consume more energy and a powerful battery is a must. However, the Kindle Voyage has its shortcomings and does not support text-to-speech. Except for that, it’s a great pick for any book enthusiast.

Kobo Aura H20

If you no longer wish to use Amazon Kindle e-readers and are looking out for an alternative, then try the Kobo Aura H20 ebook reader. This one even supports formats that Kindle doesn’t, like the Epub format, which most publishers like Barnes and Noble prefer. It comes with a 6.8 inch screen which is 0.2 inch less than the Kindle Oasis, 8 GB memory and a price tag that’s far more reasonable than most Kindle e-readers.


The Carta E Ink, which is designed to replicate the print reading experience, adds a whole new dimension to your reading experience. However, when it comes to aesthetics, do not expect much from Kobo as the makers like to keep it simple. Also, like most Kobo e-readers, this one isn’t waterproof so you definitely cannot take it to the pool or the beach.

Barnes and Noble Glowlight 3 E-Book Reader

Nook Glowlight 3 is a great alternative for Kindle Oasis 8 GB version and costs around half of what the Oasis costs. As this product comes from the well-known publishing house Barnes and Noble, there is no dearth of good books. Moreover, while the Oasis 8GB costs around $250, the Nook Glowlight 3 costs only $129.99 and comes with almost similar features, except for the 7-inch screen. However, since you get to save up close to $120 by losing out on an inch, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.


The Glowlight 3 e-reader comes with a 6-inch screen and 8GB memory. With this, you can access a ton of books made available exclusively by Barnes and Noble, in the Epub format. In case you wish to download and read books from Amazon, then here’s a little trick. Simply download Calibre and convert Amazon’s ebooks to Epub because those come with the ‘.azw’ format. With that done, you can continue enjoying your favorite books from Amazon, on your Nook Glowlight 3.

Although Amazon’s Kindle e-readers dominate the market, they do have a handful of competitors to deal with. In the above-stated list, we have mentioned some of the most successful models from the two most trusted e-reader makers, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

However, you first need to list out your expectations from an e-reader and then find the one that matches your preferences. If it is size and budget, then the decision would be easier, but if it is compatibility with different document extensions, then you need to make a more detailed analysis. Most people prefer Kindle alternatives for the sole reason that they want an option that is versatile and supports multiple formats. Now that is exactly what e-readers like Nook and Kobo offer.

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