Usb Antivirus Protection- Some Handy freewares

Nowadays almost everyone uses a USB drive to store and carry gigabytes of data for different purpose. It is impossible to find a computer user who never uses any USB drive. Admittedly, usb devices are smart but they are virus prone too. Malicious viruses from USB devices could spread through our computers within fraction of second. USB antivirus protection is all we need, appallingly.

We constantly search for the best USB antivirus protection on Google. Every time we come across some useful software or applications, for different reasons it was not enough to fulfill our requirements. We look for another one again and this cycle goes on. Here we have listed some application which will automatically scan your data, detect and block all possible threats, viruses, spyware and malware. Go over the list. We hope you will find your suitable application.

USB Disk Security:


USB disk security is published by Zbshareware Lab. According to the publisher’s description it provides protection against any harmful programs trying to attack via USB devices. In my opinion, it is an easy to use software and it well suited with other antivirus. USB disk security does not slow down the computer’s performance.

USB disk security has a professional, clean-looking and fairly described buttons to guide you. It includes several tools. USB shield, with real-time monitoring of USB drives; USB scans, data protection to provide a high level of security by password protecting USB drives access. Moreover, it prevents unauthorized users from connecting USB drives to your computer to ensure the security.

This software has some tools that let you clean your temporary files, restore changes due to malware. You can also manage your start-up applications from it. It also has a well described help menu to aid you with every possible solutions of your problem. USB disk security has a trial version but to get lifetime update and support you need to have the fully licensed version.


Autorun Virus Remover:



Autorun virus remover is a small utility tool that help you to get rid of autorun, trojan horses or any vicious viruses which can spread into your computer. It wipes out any suspicious file set to be executed as soon as autorun.inf is launched. Autorun virus remover, check for the threats in your internal drives and storage devices.

It is fully compatible with other antiviruses. It also has the ability to unlock USB devices. Sometimes when we try to safe remove our USB devices, we get a message like generic volume cannot be stopped now. You can try to unlock your device by using Autorun virus remover.

It has more than one quality. Simple, Easy to use, provides offline virus detection, etc. but it has a dim interface.

Panda USB Vaccine:


Panda USB vaccine is specially an anti-malware software. It protects your computer and USB devices from evil malware by providing a double layers of protection. It offers not only USB vaccination, but also Computer vaccination. You can set up the software to run automatically whenever a USB device will be attached to your computer. Every time you vaccinate your device you will know the reason and can decide to stop it or run it.

The new version of Panda USB vaccine has some new array of features. Support of NTFS USB drives, installer, auto vaccination, multilingual, and various fixes.


Guardian Antivirus:



Guardian antivirus is designed to provide protection against all types of viruses which slips into our PC without our knowledge. It provides pre-installed virus scanner. Its built-in email scanner protects your PC from viruses which can come with the email attachments. Guardian antivirus search for threats in root directory also by its advanced DNA technology.

Guardian antivirus first launched in 2008. It comes with different updates on every year. The latest 2013 version has some updates like anti-spyware, anti-malware, silent firewall, autorun protection, self-protection etc. It is a complete package of protection in every possible way to your PC within an affordable price.

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