What keyboard F1 to F12 Function keys do

The “F” key is representing as the function key on a computer or terminal keyboard. It mainly programmed for operating system command interpreter in the form of sorting key. Every keyboard as a group of this function key started with F1 and ended with F12 – 12 function keys. This function keys sometimes work alone.

So if you press them singly, you can get any option to display. Also, the combination of this function key is with alt and control key (Ctrl+Alt) also (Ctrl+Shift+Key),(Ctrl+Alt+Key),(Shift+Alt+Key) make shortcut program in Windows with the help of keyboard. We commonly used Alt + F4′ to shut down the currently active program also the computer.

How does “Fn key” work

On the other hand, some keyboards also have “Fn” key which usually situated beside the control key. The ‘Fn’ key is used to active some other functions like if you are pressing ‘Fn + F11’, it makes your music player stop.

Some additional service is available by using Fn key which varies the brand and types of the keyboard. Most of the laptops will have these fn key.Now, most of the computers are automatically enable a well the function keys.

But if you want to turn off the function key by using keyboards then you should open control panel then search accessibility option and disable the function key. But here in this article, we are dealing with the function key F1 to F12.

What keyboard F1 to F12 Function keys do

We give you the specific function of those keys. Also, the result when you press them with Ctrl, Shift, Win and Alt key which mostly worked on spreadsheet functions only.

The following function keys provide you shortcuts to many frequently used commands on the computer in our daily life.

What Keyboard F1 to F12 Function Keys do?

Here is what they do.

F1 Key:

  • Primary Function: It Helps us to contents.
  • Ctrl+Key: This does your search for help whenever you want.
  • Shift+Key: It Helps us on any word in detailed.
  • Win Key+F1: It opens Microsoft Windows help and support centre.

F2 Key:

  • Primary Function: With this key, you can copy the whole column in any spreadsheet.
  • Ctrl+Key: By this key you able to cut column.
  • Shift+Key: This helps you to paste column.
  • Alt+Key: Make a new spreadsheet from another clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: By this arrangement, you can copy tabbed text to the new clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: You can make a new duplicate column in
  • Shift+Alt+Key: Through them, you can add from the clipboard.

F3 Key:

  • Primary Function: you help you to find next on page or anything.
  • Ctrl+Key: By them, you can change factor levels of a character value.
  • Shift+Key: by using all of them you can find previous like undo.
  • Alt+Key: This helps you to insert a new column before current using column.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: you can standardise the column and make a new one.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: You able to insert multiple columns in an excel extension file.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: It let you add column after a current column.

F4 Key:

  • Primary Function: It helps you to repeat the last command that you use earlier.
  • Ctrl+Key: Just close the currently opened window.
  • Shift+Key: It makes a sheet tile vertically.
  • Alt+Key: By this, you go to in exit.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: It makes a sheet tile horizontally.

F5 Key:

  • Primary Function: Those make your data to be Displayed.
  • Ctrl+Key: It Freezes the columns.
  • Shift+Key: Lead you to go back.
  • Alt+Key: It takes a summary of stats.

F6 Key:

  • Primary Function: it can change the main directory by a new via.
  • Ctrl+Key: It makes a cycle through non-iconic windows.
  • Alt+Key: This lets you go to the last spreadsheet that you used.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: It makes a reverse cycle through non-iconic windows.

F7 Key:

  • Primary Function: You can delete the new row.
  • Ctrl+Key: It delete empty rows and columns in a new
  • Shift+Key: This makes you remove the current column.
  • Alt+Key: By this, you can delete the selected rows.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: This makes you remove empty columns.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: By this, you can remove the restricted rows from a sheet.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: This delete the selected conjugate columns

F8 Key:

  • Primary Function: You can edit the cell
  • Ctrl+Key: This toggle the enter key.
  • Shift+Key: It makes your toggle cell with navigation.
  • Alt+Key: It helps you to toggle temp missing cell.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: Make a toggle paste with the aid of asterisk.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: This function contributes to code column to factor.

F9 Key:

  • Primary Function: By this, you can edit the column in attributes
  • Ctrl+Key: It helps you to Sort the column in the sheet.
  • Shift+Key: It led you to convert the column into a new one.
  • Alt+Key: It restricts by the values.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: Either restrict or using the factor of levels.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: It removes any kind of restriction related to program.

F10 Key:

  • Primary Function: It updates new data by migrating old one.
  • Ctrl+Key: By this, you can create a new spreadsheet.
  • Shift+Key: It opens a spreadsheet with the data from a gen stat.
  • Alt+Key: This can add a new data from a genStat.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: It makes an ODBC Data by the query.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: It leads you direct update all data to a gen stat.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: You can add a file in c++ programming.

F11 Key:

  • Primary Function: It fills up opened column.
  • Ctrl+Key: This fills up column using a list.
  • Shift+Key: It calculates a total column whenever you make a sheet.
  • Alt+Key: If you want to recalculate the column it is the key.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: You can factor the product related to PC.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: It fills up a column with up to dates.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: It recodes the total program.

F12 Key:

  • Primary Function: It copies an RTF table related with the folder.
  • Ctrl+Key: You can copy factor the levels.
  • Shift+Key: It direct copy the rectangle.
  • Alt+Key: Just copy HTML table without using text option.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Key: This can paste the factor levels of the header files.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Key: To set the element reference of an individual level.
  • Shift+Alt+Key: Help you to remove the unused of component level.

Hope this useful article will help you to access the function key easier. With the mix of some other keys like ctrl, alt, win it help you to create a new programme in Windows and in the spreadsheet also.

Thanks for a little attention.

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