Your Facebook Timeline Tells You Who Unfriended You On Facebook … Sort Of

There are hundreds of Facebook applications and third party websites which claim that they can precisely inform you when someone deletes you or unfriends you on Facebook. Fact of the matter is that these apps are not very stable and most of them perish after a couple of months, if not sooner.

Another thing regarding third party Facebook apps is that they are excessively self promoting in nature and sometimes, they might post a message on your Facebook profile. This can lead to sudden embarrassment because you don’t want to shout on the people who removed you from their Facebook friend list.

“Which of my friends removed me from Facebook”, “Why do some of my friends unfriended me on Facebook” – are some of the common questions of excessively addicted Facebook users who take this online life a little bit too seriously.

If you are one of them and want to find out who removed you from Facebook, here is a neat trick you might want to use, without using any third party Facebook application.

1. First, you have to activate Facebook timeline on your profile. Facebook timeline is your life on the web, a virtual storybook of all the events and old memories organized in chronological order. Facebook timeline is still walking its early baby steps and will be brought in effect from September 28th, 2011.

But if you want to get Facebook timeline on your profile right now, here is a step by step guide at Cnet

2. Once you have access to the new Facebook timeline, take the tour and edit your timeline as you want it to look like. Do not hit “Publish” until you are done experimenting with it because once the timeline is published, all your friends will see your Facebook timeline, whenever they visit your Facebook profile.

Here is how my Facebook timeline looks like:

Example of Geeky Facebook timeline

3. One of the hidden features of Facebook timeline is that it reveals which of your Facebook friends deleted you from their Facebook friend list. Scroll through your timeline and you will find a couple of sections labelled “You became friends with X number of people”,

Find deleted facebook friends

Click the “Friends” link and there you have it. You will see an overlay box which will show you the Facebook profiles of all the people, with whom you were friends at that time. If you are still friends with them, you will see the label “Friends” beside their profile image.

However, if these people have deleted you from their Facebook friend list or contacts, you will see a label as “Add Friend”.

The above scenario is also true if you deleted these people from your profile, so it turns out that this method works both ways. However, if you are not the type of person who frequently cleans up his Facebook friend list every now and then, this can be an easy way to find out the people who were friends with you earlier but are no longer friends with you right now.

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