Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Motorola Moto G4 Comparison

There are few mobile companies those are trending in these preset days because of awesome mobiles. Xiaomi and Motorola are two of them. After being acquired by Lenovo, this is the first time, Motorola has launched mobiles and this was a boost for their lovers as they have successfully launched two fully featured Android mobiles called Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. On the other hand, the Chinese mobile company, Xiaomi has been doing great marketing and selling from past year. They have launched Redmi Note 3 back in January 2016. Therefore, today I am going to show your detailed specification comparison between Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Motorola Moto G4.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Motorola Moto G4 Comparison

Although, there is a little bit of price difference between these two mobiles but as that is not huge, they are comparable.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 vs Motorola Moto G4 Comparison

Body and Design

There is a lot of difference between these two mobiles in terms of look. The Redmi Note 3 comes with aluminum body when the Moto G4 has a plastic body. There is no doubt that the metal body has an advantage. However, the Moto G4 is not bad either. You can find three touch sensitive buttons on the front of Redmi Note 3 but there is no such button in Moto G4. On the back side, you can find camera and other things on both of the devices. However, Moto G4 looks professional but somehow Redmi Note 3 can steal the show. You will get better conform while gripping Moto G4 as it is lighter. Moto G4 weighs 155gms but Redmi Note 3 has 9gms more.

Display & Hardware

Although, both of them have Dual SIM capability but you can find a major drawback in Redmi Note 3. You cannot use two SIMs if you want to insert microSD card. However, Moto G4 doesn’t have such problem. Talking about the display, you will get 5.5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen in both of the mobiles. The best thing is both of them are having same screen resolution. However, the difference can be found when you will check protection. Moto G4 comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 but Redmi Note 3 doesn’t have such thing.

Performance of these two devices are having some differences as they have different chipset and processor. Redmi Note 3 comes with Qualcomm MSM8956 Snapdragon 650 and 1.4Ghz Quad-core processor or 1.8GHz Dual-core processor. On the other hand, you can find Qualcomm MSM8952 Snapdragon 617 chipset along with either 1.5GHz quad-core processor or 1.2GHz quad-core processor. For your information, the Moto G Turbo edition has Snapdragon 615 chipset, which has a little bit of heating issue. However, this chipset has no such problem at all. You can find another difference in GPU as Redmi Note 3 has Adreno 510 and Moto G4 has Adreno 405 GPU.

RAM is another factor that you should look at. You will get two variants of Redmi Note 3. One of them has 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage and the other one has 3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage. Two variants of Moto G4 can be found but both of them have 2GB RAM. But, you can find either 16GB or 32GB internal storage.


Nowadays, there are more mobile photographers than ever before. Just for that, mobile companies are providing more megapixel than earlier. Redmi Note 3 comes with 16MP rear camera but Moto G4 has 13MP rear camera. Both of them have dual LED flash and same 5MP camera. In simple words, you cannot find major difference in these two cameras.

Battery & Other Features

People, who want more than more than anything else, will always opt for Redmi Note 3 as it includes Li-Po 4000mAh battery but Moto G4 has Li-Ion 3000mAh battery. In other words, there is a lot of difference between battery backup.

The most notable difference is fingerprint sensor, which is not available in Moto G4 but it is available in Redmi Note 3.

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