August – A Smart Lock For Your Home

We normally lock doors of our house when we go out. We do not know who tries to enter in to our house and we do not have control on that. We even cannot restrict someone entering our house when we are not inside it. So, have you ever thought of restricting the access to people when you are not in your house? If yes, then here is the solution. Smart lock by name August is the one you are looking for.

 Smart Lock For Your Home

August Smart lock lets you give access to the one whom you want to enter your house. So, you can have control on who can enter your house and who cannot. This does not require any keys and everything can be just done using your smart mobile. You can even allow access to others for some time like few hours, few days or weeks and can remove the access afterwards.

Suppose, if a party has been arranged in your house and guests keeps on visiting. You do not need to go and open the door every time. You can just create a group of your guests and send them an invitation. That’s it. They will have access to your house and whenever they are near to your house, August smart lock identifies them and opens the door automatically.

August Smart Lock

Here are some of the important features of August Smart Lock

You can Record Logs

August Smart Lock allows you to control when people can have access to your house. So, if you want to know what they did at that time, then you can access the log records for that time through your smart phone. Suppose, if you give access for a house cleaning person for few hours, you can get the log of what that person has done in that time limit.

It Stays ON Always

It is wireless and works on Wi-Fi. It does not require any power or electricity and all it need is 4 AA batteries. So, even if there is any power cut, then there is no problem for August Smart Lock. It intimates you through LED Lights or via an email when batteries need to be changed.

Smart lock

Automatic Unlock and Ever Lock

Whenever you are near to the door of your house, smart lock for your home unlocks itself. This applies for those to whom you had provided the access for. It senses their approach and unlocks the door automatically. August Smart lock also locks the door when you are moving out of the house. So, there is no need to worry, even if you forgot to lock the door.

Smart Lock For Your House

Easy to Install

You just need to replace the interior part of the locking system of your house and it just takes 10 minutes to get it ready. It is easy to install and use.

See this video for complete understanding,

Bottom Line

August Smart Lock for your home is the much needed one to turn your home in to a smart home. It allows you to create and send invitations to your contacts and door access in it. It also allows you to maintain a visual guest book to write instructions, notes, adding comments and many more.

You can order it from the official website and is available in Apple Store for $249.95. Are you ready to have smart lock for your home?

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