Do you Think that iOS has Everything? Do check this Missing Features

There is no doubt that Android as well as iOS is a winner. Both of the platforms have something idiosyncratic and operative. There is heaps of correspondence between Android and iOS those are being developed by Google and Apple respectively. If you ask for recommendation before buying an Android or iOS mobile, you will get tons of pros and cons of both of them.

6 Android Features what are Unavailable on iOS

That simply implies that both platforms have some advantages and disadvantages. However, today, I am going to redact some exclusive features/thing what iOS users cannot do/have but Android users can do/have.

Awesome Android features unavailable on iOS

As today I am going to specify some missing features of iOS, there is nothing, which defines that Android has everything or vice versa. You can get lot of awesome features on iOS those are unavailable on Android too.

Install Custom ROM

If you often explore various Android forums, you might have already noticed this term called Custom ROM. This is the most typical word among Android developers. You can easily upgrade your Android software version with the help of Custom ROM. This awesome feature is just unavailable on iOS. You cannot install custom ROM on any iOS device including iPhone, iPad or iPod. You have to wait until your device gets that update officially.

Install Launcher

Android Development

Google’s Android comes with tons of great launchers to customize the home screen or even entire visual design. If you do not like default UI, you can get various launchers on Google Play to customize your phone. This awesome user end customization option is not available on iOS gadgets. Not only iOS but also you cannot get any good theme for Mac as well.

Install custom font

If you have rooted your Android device, you can do almost anything. You can get tons of new apps to customize your phone even better. Rooted Android device users can change the default font as well. You can simply replace the default font with anything you want. However, if you have an iOS device, you cannot install custom fonts like Android users. This is where Android is a winner in terms of customization.

Give instruction without touching

Moto X Touchless Voice Control

Although, iOS comes with a digital voice assistant called Siri but this is not as good as it should be. Obviously, this is up to the mark but when it comes to contend with Moto X’s Touchless Voice Controls, Siri turns into a defeat or failure of Apple. Moto X flagship has a great touch voice controller that will let you do almost anything without even touching your phone. All you need to do is provide perfect voice command to get things done.

Add more storage

MicroSD Card

No matter how old or latest iPhone or other iOS gadget you have, you cannot extend the memory with SD card. But, 99% Android mobiles have the option to put microSD card in your phone to extend the memory. Although, iOS devices have sufficient memory to use it on daily basis but sometime the limited memory leads you into problem.

Touchless app installation

Google Play Icon on Nexus

You know that Google Play Store is the best repository of Android apps, games and books. On the other hand, you have similar repo for iOS gadgets. But the difference between these two repositories is you can install app or games on Android without touching it. All you need to do is just sign in to Google Play and Android device using same email ID. To know more about this touchless app installation technique, head over to this guide.

What do you think about these cons of iOS? Do you love Android?

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