Monitor Deleted Files in Windows With Deletion Extension Monitor


If you want to monitor deleted files in windows, Deletion Extension Monitor can be an easy solution. This freeware enables its users to monitor and log files that’s get deleted from their  windows computer or system accidentally or incidentally. It not only records information about deleted files but also shows  the actual data about other parameters of those deleted files. Like

1) Events logged show the date and time of the deletion

2) Name of the process responsible for the deletion

3) Source path of those deleted files

4) Actual size of those deleted files

5) Extensions of those deleted files


Deletion Extension Monitor can keep a backup copy of those deleted files even if these files get deleted from Recycle Bin.Actually this program is very handy to monitor files that get deleted when an uninstalling process is going on.

There are some useful features for an user in Deletion Extension,

1) Fixed start-up in windows 7 operating system.

2) “Extensions” column to sort items by their extensions.

3) Sort items on column click.

 4) Copy item details to clipboard.

 5) Added support for ctrl+c when an item is selected.

 6) Items are shown  in the status-bar.

 7) Save logs on system shutdown and saves logs when application exits.

monitor all files extentions or a chosen one

Deletion Extension monitor enables users to monitor all deleted files extension.Also there is a option for an user to choose a particular file extension he is interested in.
How to set this?
Pretty simple.

Just click ”Monitoring”.

Then click to choose “File Extensions” on the drop-down box.

A window will popup showing all files extensions.

Click to choose “Add” and then type the required file extension in box and hit “Ok”.

Now Deletion Monitor Extension will monitor deleted files of that extension.
Isn’t it quite simple?


copy low level file deletion

User can always choose to have a copy or back up of files before deleting it through Deletion  Extension Monitor.
To enable this feature,jut go to “Settings”.
Then choose “Configure”.
Tick the box adjacent to “Copy Low Level File Deletions” option’
By default it will be copied under files where Deletion Extension Monitor is installed on user’s hard drive.But user can always choose another location to copy these files by editing the file path location.


Skip Files Larger Than Preferred size

User can also choose to cancel copying of files which is larger than the size of certain MB to ignore less important files.User have to put a numeric value as the size of files to skip those files from copying by Deletion Extension Monitor larger than size limit.

Define Your Own Hot Key For Stealth Mode

Yes.There is a stealth mode for for user in deletion extension monitor. Completely hide the application title, main window and tray icon using  user-defined hot key. Press the hot key again and the program will be completely visible once again.
This feature is essentially for those who invisibly wants to keep a track of what other users are doing with his system or computer .

Monitor Only Specific Directories For Files Deletion
If you want only specific directories to be monitored for these extensions, just add the command line argument of those directories to it, and you are done.
Multiple directories are handles by using the * as a separator:
i.e> dem.exe -C:Program Files*C:UsersPublicPictures*D:gamespccommon
would only monitor the following directories:

“C:Program Files”



These are later deleted automatically so you wont have to worry about the application using up all of your hard disk space.

Last of all, this Windows utility software has got a very simple and straightforward user-interface,
low on memory to download and easy to install.
Now you can post a question about this freeware, which would be answered ASAP and can always post your valuable comments about this post which will be a sole inspiration to me to do this in a better way. Always feel free to share your knowledge with us.

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