9 Things to do “ When there is Nothing to Blog About “

Every Blogger has to face this Sometime in their career. You run Out of ideas and the words don’t just come out. What do you do when you run out of ideas for your blog posts ?

When I have nothing to Blog About I have something Very Useful to do.Here is a Complete list :

1.Link to Quality Posts In the Same Niche : When I have Nothing useful to Post or deliver I Scroll through my RSS reader  and find the Most interesting Post in the last week.I write a Short  excerpt Linking the Article From My post. This technique is Sometimes called Speed Linking.

It has two advantages.One, Your readers are exposed to Good Content and (a New Blog).Second,The Blogger with whom you are linking gets Connected and your Network Increases.Sooner or Later the Blogger Whom you Linked Will Visit your Blog and chances are that he may even link to you.

2.Record Videos of “How to Articles “ : This is a favorite job when I have Nothing Useful to say.I open My Blog Archives and Select the How to Articles I Wrote long Ago.I record a video Demonstration Using Camtasia Studio and Upload them to youtube.

Advantages :First,Your brand becomes powerful.You give an Impression that you are serious and have a good array of merchandise to deliver.Second :Traffic from Video sites.[See My Video Gallery]

3.Allow others to Post In your Blog, offer Guest Posting : You Must Have online Blogger-Friends,don’t you.Offer other Bloggers to Post a Guest Article In your blog. Just Send him a polite email that you want him to write something in his blog.

Advantages : Your readers are exposed to content on a newer perspective and taste.Second : The Guest Blogger will Surely Become your fan and chances are that He will recommend your Blog to His readers overtime.( Here are the Guest post guidelines on Ampercent)

4.Measure your top Landing pages and optimize : Open your google analytics Reports and Find the Top landing Pages.These pages are bringing you organic traffic.Can you add New content and optimize those pages ? Can you add Similar content and Interlink these pages ? If Yes, then Do it.And remember to do it regularly as it’s a Good step towards SEO.

5.Edit  your Blog template : This is another Important Job that I perform Mostly On weekends.I try to Improve my template from the design and SEO perspective. For example : No following Links,identifying Unnecessary Codes, testing Different PHP commands, etc .

6.Throw a Question To the  Readers : Blogging is Interactive. You can always Ask questions To Your readers or involve them in a Discussion.This is a Good way of gathering Useful feedback.

7.Check out other Blogs In the Niche , Bookmark them : Use google Blog Search,Technorati,Digg to find similar Blogs in your Niche.Bookmark them and Subscribe. Expand your Appetite for Blogging.Expose Yourself to New content so that In the Near future you always have a slight Edge.

8. Plan Freebies and Deliver : Think what You can deliver to your Readers for Free. It may be an E book or a WordPress theme or any other resource that you created. Offering Free Stuff Works very good. People will come to your Blog looking for the Stuff that You are providing for free provided it solves a problem and is a Useful resource.

9.Turn of the PC, Go outdoors : Everyone Needs a Break.May be you have overworked.Go outdoors and take a Brisk walk.Breathe Fresh air and Have some Coffee.Sometimes You Need to recharge your Batteries.

These are  all the stuff you can do to build your blog on a different perspective when you don’t have anything useful to say. What do you do when you Run out of ideas for Blog posts ? Please share your thoughts in Comments. Or you may read our detailed post on how to generate post ideas like big bloggers.

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