How to Sync files With OneDrive on Windows 8.1- SyncToy

Depending on our professions, our requirements differs and bracing this fact I can say that the change is the only constant we have. A service, may be web based or not,  can only be called versatile if it shelters all the wants that are expected from it and SyncToy has those virtues. It can sync files with OneDrive on WIndows 8.1.

Firstly, download SyncToy from the Windows download center and install it on your WIndows pc. This freeware is pretty small in size( upto 3.5 MB for 64 bit OS).



When the installation process is complete, just hit the newly created desktop shortcut to launch it. You can also launch the same from the Windows metro start screen, where each application gets pinned when installed on Windows. Choose any of these according to your wish. Also, you can pin it to the taskbar if you execute file syncing frequently.

Its graphic user interface is pretty simple. Browse any folder you want to sync with OneDrive on the left and the destination path of that folder on the computer will be shown. Simply, do the same again to find the required folder on OneDrive for syncing. You can create a new folder in OneDrive within which the original folder will be synced. I always follow this rule and rename( same as the original folder on the computer to be synced) the newly created folder on OneDrive for averting any sort of dubiety.

SyncToy does this folder pairing in really a dirt-free way. The screenshot below can portray things better.




The ‘Left Folder’ contains the original folder you want to sync. Just browse the required desktop folder from within the app and on the ‘Right Folder’ browse the location(folder) on your OneDrive on which your folder will be placed and synced. If you want to make this pairing a pristine one, safe within a targeted folder, just create a new folder with an easily identifiable name on the OneDrive and then browse to target it. I strongly recommend this. When you are done hit the ‘Next’ button.

On the next window you will be given three alternatives about the types of syncing you want, namely, Synchronise, Echo and Contribute. Firstly, the Synchronise option will clone your desktop’s folder and will keep it on your OneDrive storage. Added to this, your every action(renames and deletes) on any side will be mirrored on its counterpart. More clearly, if you execute any change on your Desktop’s folder, it will also be followed carefully on the folder where it’s saved on OneDrive and vice-versa.




The option ‘Echo’ is chosen, it will only mimeo every single change like adding files, renames and file deletions on the source (Desktop)folder to its synced counterpart inside OneDrive. It will be a one way syncing from left(Desktop) to right(OneDrive). The last choice namely, ‘Contribute’ will  perform the same as the option ‘Echo’ will do except, it will not execute any file deletion from left to right.

Personally, all the choices are versatile and wanting as everyday we deal with various types of files with varied priorities. However, on the next step just assign a suitable name for this file syncing process and move on. Finally, it will ask you for confirmation of this file syncing you are about to execute. Simply, do a recheck and if everything appears right move to the next step.



SyncToy will appear a real smart application after you hit the ‘Preview’ button. It’s more than you thought. On the preview window you will get the list of all the files under the folder you are going to sync. By default, all the files will be selected as you are syncing the entire folder. Thankfully, you can deselect any of them. Moreover, you will get a complete overview about the number and total size of all the files which are going be cloned to their destination folder on OneDrive.

Although, selective syncing is one of the basic features that every file syncing service should posses and SyncToy clears this level pretty well.




Now, you can hit the ‘Run’  button finally. Simply, let the process to come to a satisfactory end. Enjoy the fact that now, you have the command to sync files with OneDrive.

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