Shadow Fight 2: Best Offline Fighting Game For iPad

Best Offline Games For iPad You Can Download Today

iPad is an excellent device for reading books, watching movies, doing office work as well as gaming. No matter whether you have an old iPad or a new one, you can undoubtedly download some games and play them without any data connection. Here are some of the best offline games for iPad. You may need

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Best Home Security Apps For iPhone And iPad

As nowadays everything is going digital, you should upgrade your home security as well. Instead of employing some security guard, you can install some smart devices that will protect your home when you are away. In this article, you can find some awesome home security apps for the iPhone and iPad. You can utilize them

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Best AudioBook Apps For iPhone and iPad

If you like to read books, you might have already heard of audiobooks which let you listen to your favorite book while traveling or sitting in the park. If you have an iOS device, you should try these audiobook apps for iPhone and iPad. Although most of the apps are available for free, you might

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Epic jigsaw puzzles

Best Free Jigsaw Puzzles For iPad

It doesn’t matter if your age is six or sixty; you can undoubtedly play jigsaw puzzles. This is such a brain game which grabs a lot of attention of kids as well as aged people. Although there are some online jigsaw puzzles, if you want to download some free jigsaw puzzles for iPad, you should

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Best Skateboarding Games Ever Made For Android And iOS

Best Skateboarding Games Ever Made

Skateboarding is a riding or action sport. If you know how to play with a skateboard physically, but you do not have much time or space around you, you should check out these games. Here are some of the best skateboarding games for Android, iOS, etc. These games are mainly made for mobile platforms. Some

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Best Instagram Collage Creator Apps Which Are Free

Instagram is a great platform to share image and videos. Countless celebrities are using Instagram to interact with fans and followers. If you are an Instagram user and you want to share some photo collages, you should try out these apps. These are the best Instagram collage creator apps that are free to use. You

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Best Email Security Apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Email is an integral part of everyone’s life. No matter if you are a businessman, student, artist, or anybody else, you can contact friends, employees, clients, etc. via email. If you are using email on your iOS device, and you want to increase the security, you might find this article handy. Here are some of

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AtHome Home Security App

Best Security Camera Apps For iPhone And iPad

If you have a kid in your house, and you want to keep an eye on him/her all the times even when you are in another room, you should install some security cameras. You can install either dedicated security camera or you can turn your old iPhone or iPad into a security camera. Here are

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Most Popular Offline Dinosaur Games

Most Popular Offline Dinosaur Games You Can Play Offline Without Internet

If you like to play dinosaur games on your mobile, you should check out this article. From basic to advanced – every kind of dinosaur games are listed in this article, and you can play them without any internet connection. No matter whether you have a computer, mobile, or tablet, you can certainly play this

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How To Enable And Use Visual Voicemail In Android

How To Use Visual Voicemail In Android And iPhone

Voicemail was a lifesaver for many people. It launched more than four decades ago. However, many people are a daily user of this beautiful and handy feature. In 2007, Apple rolled out a brand new and enhanced functionality of Voicemail, which is known as Visual Voicemail. Both do the same job, but the later one

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Make a meme+

The Best Meme Creators Apps For iPhone

No matter whether you want to troll someone or entertain someone with a great sense of humor, you can undoubtedly create a meme and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. If you are interested in creating a meme and you have an iOS device, you should check out these best meme creator

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Apple TV Remote Best TV Remote Apps for iPhone

Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhone

If you have a smart TV and you want to control it via your phone, you should check out this article. These are the best TV remote apps for Android and iPhone. Some of the apps require a Wi-Fi connection, and some of them work without internet. Before downloading an app, you should check out

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The Best Security Apps For Your iPhone

The Best Security Apps For Your iPhone

Although iOS is a security concerned mobile platform, few people like to have an additional layer of security. If you are one of them, and you want to install a security application on your iPhone or iPad, do check out this article. Here are some of the best security apps for your iPhone to upgrade

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Man typing on iPhone

How To Schedule SMS On iOS Using Shortcuts

Although Apple has included so many features in the iOS, there is no option to send scheduled text message or SMS from the iOS device. No matter whether you are using an iPhone or Cellular connection enabled iPad, there is no in-built process to send scheduled message to anybody. Many people use various third-party apps

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How to hide photo on iPhone

How To Hide Photo On iPhone Or iPad

When it comes to stability, people often prefer the iPhone and iPad over an Android mobile or tablet. If you have captured some photos that you want to hide from the public library, you can do that. Here is how to hide photos on iPhone and iPad. There are two different ways to do that.

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