Top 7 Xposed Modules To Customize Android Appearance

Xposed framework has uplifted Android development to a different level. When CyanogenMod group is accommodating to build a new custom ROM, Xposed framework developers are working on this to let users use their rooted Android phones depending on the requirements. Xposed framework is amongst the finest developments of Android, which can help you to alter nearly anything of your mobile within moments. A huge selection of modules (plugins) can be obtained from the Xposed Module Repository at no cost. Anyway, listed below are some handy Xposed modules to customize Android appearance.

Top 7 Xposed Modules To Customize Android Appearance

At some point, lots of people would like to transform animation style, add something more important on lock screen, alter color scheme and so forth. Thanks to Xposed modules to make all things possible. Let’s take a look at some beneficial Xposed modules to personalize Android appearance according to your wish.

1. Gravity Box (Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop)

Being available for rooted Jelly Bean, Kitkat and Lollipop devices, Gravity Box has attained significant recognition. Users are capable of doing so many things that if you go to build a list, you simply can’t complete it with suitable info. Having said that, here are several essential things, what can be modified using Gravity Box.

  • Lock screen looks
  • Statusbar looks
  • Navigation bar looks
  • Screen recording
  • Dialer looks
  • Power options
  • Media
  • Notification
  • CyanogenMod Pie control

Plus much more others. All the main categories incorporate plenty of other options. Despite having so many things under one roof, you cannot find any mess since all the options are well categorized. Many people utilize this tool to turn their old mobile into a new Lollipop or Kitkat mobile. It can run on custom ROM as well as stock ROM.

Although, some people have professed that Gravity Box consumes a lot of battery, yet, there was no such issues while testing it personally. In addition, you should you know that some features are available according to the Android version.

2. Lock Screen Mods (Lollipop)


Lock Screen Mods is available for rooted Android Lollipop users. As the name suggests, this module assists users to personalize Android lock screen. Although, the developer claimed that the plugin works on all Google as well as AOSP based ROMs, but some people have faced issues on AOSP based ROMs. However, in terms of features and usefulness, Lock Screen Mods is good enough to be listed here. Generally, Android Lollipop displays notifications on lock screen. Nevertheless, this module can add app icon and do some other things on the lock screen.

3. XuiMod (Android 4.2+)

In a simple line – XuiMod is a small part of Gravity Box since only few features of Gravity Box are available in XuiMod. Anyway, this is perfect for them, who want to change the following things,

  • Add seconds in statusbar
  • Customize date format
  • PACman ROM like battery bar
  • Custom color for battery
  • IME animation, Toast animation, notification ticker animation
  • Listview animation
  • Lockscren torch

And some others. This is small but very effective for beginners. Instead of using a complicated module like Gravity Box, you can simply opt for this tool.

4. XBlast Tools (Android 4.0.3+)

Alike Gravity Box, XBlast Tools contain so many features to customize your Android appearance. From changing the status bar color to use custom font – everything is possible with this Xposed module. The following things are main features, what make it so much popular.

  • Customize notification bar
  • Change date and time format
  • Add transparency everywhere including notification bar, status bar etc.
  • Customize battery indicator
  • Disable all effects
  • Change carrier name according to your wish
  • Advanced power menu
  • Full logs of RAM usage
  • Change font
  • Change network indicator color separately
  • Use gradient in navigation and status bar
  • Change keyboard background color
  • Sue custom icon pack
  • Custom color for lock screen text

And so on. Apart from these aforementioned things, you can do more others. Actually, Gravity Box users do not need XBlast Tools and vice versa.

5. All Notifications Expanded (Android 4.1+)

Generally, Android shows the only the title of the notification. No matter whether you are viewing your notifications on your status bar or lock screen, but you will get only the subject of email (for emails), Facebook notification name etc. However, All Notifications Expanded helps users to expand the notifications will proper default apps so that you can check them out faster. For example, if you use this module, you will have to check out any notification on your screen instead of trying to open them from status bar. This is where this tiny module excels.

6. Xtended NavBar (Android 4.0.3+)

By default, Android navigation menu has only three buttons i.e. Back, Home and Recent Apps. Nonetheless, if you want to get offer icons in the navigation menu bar, here you go. Xtended NavBar will actually extend your navigation bar to add different buttons including flight mode, Bluetooth, network, location services, screen rotation and WiFi. This quick settings bar will help you a lot. But, you should have AOSP based ROM to get it worked for you.

7. BootManager (Android 4.0.3+)

Just like Windows and Mac, Android also runs so many processes to open some apps during boot. That certainly makes your boot slower. This is where BootManager comes in. BootManager can stop those unnecessary processes during boot so that you can experience a fast boot and eventually get a better mobile. This is possible to add more apps to open during boot, remove apps from the list of opened apps and disable any app temporarily. These three options will surely assist you to make your boot faster.

Wrap Up

All of these are good and work perfect. However, not all apps are for all of you. Choose and install any Xposed module as per your requirements. Otherwise, you will not get most out of this beautiful development.

If you love, you can check this for more Xposed modules.

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