How To Type The New Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

Now that the new Indian Rupee symbol is official and the government has acknowledged it, its time for users to start using it. When I say “use” I mean type it. Its too early to get the font officially on your keyboard with a key assigned for it like the “$” symbol. If you can’t wait until then learn how you can type it in Microsoft Windows.

type new indian rupee symbol microsoft word

Steps To Type New Indian Rupee Symbol :

1. Download the Rupee Foradian Font from the Mangalore based Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd blog. Copy the .ttf file after downloading.

2. Open [Windows Drive Letter]:\Windows\Fonts and paste the font there. It will be installed on your PC.

3. Once done, open your MS Word (or any text editing tool that lets you change the font of the text) and type “`” on your keyboard. It is the leftmost key in the number row (not Numpad) i.e just to the left of “1” or just above the Tab key.

4. Select the text (`) and change the font to Rupee Foradian. Bang and the new Indian rupee symbol is there.

If you are still facing some problems doing it just visit Youtube and watch this video tutorial.



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