Use These 3 Tools to Write Better Emails

Communication through mails is quite common these days and is the most preferable option. We write everything in an email to convey what we want. Some people write lengthy emails and some comes directly to the point. Hope you received a lengthy email which when read you understood that, it can be written in one to two sentences. How do you feel? You feel so weird, right? So, writing an email with the right content makes your job done. So, limiting the mail to certain length makes the recipient willing to read your mail and respond to you. In this article, I will take you through 3 tools that would help you to write better emails.

Write better emails


Write Better Emails using these 3 Tools

Writing better emails comes by practice and experience. But, with help of some tools, you can also write better emails even you are writing mails for the first time. So, let us jump in to the list of tools helping us to write better emails.

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MailMentor is one of the best tools to help you to write better emails due to the features it provides. Paste the body of your emails (which you want to send) in to the plain box. It automatically shows required and recommended improvements. It might be “Shorten your paragraphs” or “Simplify your language”. You can use the copy feature to test how best your email is by modifying it.


It also shows how many seconds it takes to read your mail, so that you can take a decision on length of your email. Main feature of MailMentor is, it shows the reading level of your email and change the body of mail accordingly.

Markdown Here

Markdown Here is very helpful to format your mails and make it looks good. Suppose, for example if you were asked to send a small snippet of code via mail, you would be pasting that small snippet as a normal text and hit the send button. This is what we do using Gmail, Outlook and any other email client. Using Markdown Here, you can format that code snippet look pretty. This would be very helpful for programmers.

Markdown Here

When you are done with placing the text, right click on the plain text and select “Markdown Toggle”. If your text has code snippet with comments, it turns the text to the format you had specified in that Markdown syntax. Markdown Here is the cross-browser extension and is available for free.


We reply to certain number of mails with the same content but with little editing like recipient’s name, address and more. In that situation, it is better to have a template and when needed, it is just enough to fire that template and make necessary tiny changes and hit the send button. You can do this, with the help of Gorgias. If you are using different email clients, having canned responses or templates for individual mail client is a tidy task. So, get Gorgias extension and make your task easy to write better mails.


So, from now on use Gorgias to create templates for acknowledge letters, recommendation letters, appointment letters and many more to quickly complete the mail composition. This works with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Sometimes, we just need to write “Please find attached file” as a reply to many mails. In that case, you can use Gorgias to create the custom keyboard shortcut to do the job. Gorgias helps you to create the keyboard shortcuts to insert particular text and send mails quickly.


These are some of the tools to help you write better emails. Use these tools to write mails straight to the point and reduce the time in writing mails. If you have any more tools or tips to add, please do share with us through comments.

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