10 iOS 10 Features Worth the Upgrade

iOS 10 has been unveiled on 13th September, as proclaimed previously at the iPhone 7 event. Despite Apple has been evaluating iOS 10 since quite a long time now but now they have launched the stable version of iOS 10, which will not have any bug or error. If perhaps you were using iOS 10 beta version, you may know that Apple has incorporated plenty of features in iOS 10 those can enhance your efficiency as well as upgrade your user experience. Having said that, if you haven’t used any beta version of iOS 10, you can now download the stable edition. But, before installing that, you should know what are you about to get with iOS 10. Consequently, what follows is a list of most imperative features that Apple has included in iOS 10.


Bedtime Alarm

Bedtime is a very useful application or inclusion of iOS 10, which helps users to track the sleeping time. You know health is the greatest wealth and iOS 10 will take care of your most valuable asset with the aid of Bedtime. You need to setup few things to start using this feature, which is included in the Clock app for iOS 10.

Low-Quality Image in iMessage

If bandwidth is an issue of your internet browsing and you want to save bandwidth in any way, iOS 10’s iMessage app can help you for sure with the help of “Low-Quality Image.” Low-Quality Image is a imperative feature to reduce the image size (memory) dramatically so that you can see the same image but the compressed version.

Lock Screen Widgets

Android users know what lock screen widgets are. As the name defines you can find some widgets on your lock screen so that you can check different things without unlocking your device. It can be weather report, latest news, Twitter timeline or anything else. If you are always a busy person and want to do something faster, lock screen widgets may help you to do so.

Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake feature lets you check your notifications without even tapping on any physical button and even when your mobile is locked. This smart feature of iOS 10 will assist iPhone 6S and above users to check notification by just picking it up. Active Display or this Raise to Wake feature uses proximity and motion sensor to do all those things.

Suggestive Correction of Siri

Siri has now become more sophisticated with the upgrade of iOS 10. Now, you can get suggestions from Siri when you are asking for something using Siri. Previously, Siri just told you about no search result but now in most of the times, you will get something as Siri will make the correction on its own. Therefore, if you make anything wrong, it won’t be a huge problem.

Siri can Find Parked Car

If your phone’s Bluetooth of CarPlay is connected to your car, you can easily find your parked car utilizing Siri. Just ask Siri “Where is my car?” or “Find my car.” It will show you on your map. It happens because the Maps took note of when you turned off your car Bluetooth or CarPlay, and it notes that on the Map. Therefore, you can find your parked car easily.

Hide System Apps

Like other mobile platforms, iOS 10 also comes with some system apps or stock apps. Sometimes they help us or sometimes they just stay on our mobile without helping much. If you think that you do not need any stock app, you can indeed disable or hide them from the home screen. Later, you can download that from App Store whenever you need. Just tap and hold the app for a few moments until you get the -ve sign. Therefore, tap on that and hit the affirmative option. That’s it!

Night Shift

Who doesn’t get eyestrain? Everyone. If you use your mobile for a long time even in the low light area, you can easily get rid of eyestrain with the help of Night Shift. It will add a yellow layer on your existing screen to reduce the brightness and contrast so that you can get a better viewing experience. You can turn on Night Shift right from Control Center or from Settings.

Book Cab using Siri

Now Siri can book a cab for you. All you need to is just to ask her to get a cab from a particular location. Obviously, you need the cab application on your mobile. But, you do not have to open the cab app or do anything else. Just ask Siri like this,

Get a cab from X

That’s it! You can find your bookings right away.

Apple Pay + Safari = Quicker Payment

If you are using Apple Safari and want to pay somewhere, you can simply opt for the Apple Pay option, which has been included into iOS 10. Now, you do not have to enter your card details all the times. If you have set up Apple Pay, you can easily pay the money with the help of that.

There are many other features those will certainly assist you to do something quicker. iOS 10 is much more feature-rich than former versions. Just upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10 and experience all the new features.

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