Asus Launches Pegasus 5000 in China

Asus has is growing silently as they have been launching smartphones in various countries. For example, now, Asus has launched a brand new mobile in China. This time, they have worked in Pegasus series. Following Pegasus 2 Plus and Pegasus X002, Asus has launched Asus Pegasus 5000. This is a mid-range Android smartphone running Android 5.1.1. It comes with some decent specifications and features. You will get a good look as well as some features with Asus Pegasus 5000. Considering the features, it seems, this is a successor for Pegasus X002. However, when you check the feature minutely, you can find slightly lower specifications than Pegasus 2 Plus X550. Anyway, now let’s check out the full phone specifications of Asus Pegasus 5000.

Asus Pegasus 5000 – Full Phone Specifications

Asus Launches Pegasus 5000 in China

Although, not all the features and specifications have been out, but most of them are public now. Therefore, you can find most of the things, what you should know. However, some of the features are still not so public. As of now, Asus Pegasus 5000 is available in two different colors i.e. white and gold. Both of them look really good but the golden version looks much better than the white one. You can find a suitable body : display ratio, what makes the smartphone look better. On the other hand, you can find camera with flash on the back side. This mobile has a glossy plastic body.

The display of this mobile is good enough for video recording and image capturing. You can also find a good color production while playing games. Anyway, you will get 5.5-inch full HD display equipped with liquid crystal. It will make the display awesome – in terms of looks as well as quality. This is needless to mention that the color depth is 16M but the screen resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixel, which is same as ZTE Blade V Plus. In other words, you cannot find any problem with the display because of having such a good feature.

Talking about the CPU, you will get MediaTek chipset with Asus Pegasus 5000. This is meaningless to mention that MediaTek mother is not bad and it can handle heavy games and apps. On the other hand, you will get 1.3GHz octa-core processor. This combination is not only good but also really good for a regular Android user.

The very next thing is camera. You can find 13MP rear camera with flash and other regular features. For instance, you will get face detection, touch focus, panorama, HDR etc. At the same time, 5MP front facing camera is also included in this mobile for selfie and video calling. Obviously, you will not get as good photo as other companies like Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc. provide, but the photo quality won’t be bad either. The last but not the least important feature is battery. You will get 4850 mAh battery, which is a massive input by Asus. This battery will be able to provide a really good battery backup without any doubt.

Apart from them, you can find all the regular features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. with this mobile.

What do you think about this mobile?

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