Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Based Apps For Android

Augmented reality might probably become the essential thing that comes with every upcoming flagship devices and iPhone has started the trend by introducing integrated AR support to the iPhone X. However, AR based apps and games are not new in the world of Android and they are in the run for the past couple of years.

AR is basically a technology which projects something through the lens of your camera which does not actually exists but could only be seen on your device’s screen. Pokemon GO is probably one of the best application of AR technology and if you had seen the trailer for the iPhone X you could have gotten a clear idea of how it works and what it can achieve.

While currently there are not a lot of apps that are based on AR available for download, there are still a specific amount of apps and games which have applied the AR concept perfectly. So, here is a list of 5 best AR based apps and games that are currently available for download on Android.

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Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Based Apps For Android


Holo is an AR based app which was most recently released right before the release of the Spiderman Homecoming movie. It was launched as a promotional activity for the movie but was later developed and new features were added. You can use the app to add popular characters from movies like Spiderman or popular celebrities in general like Trump or even interesting characters like Zombies and Tigers.

Augmented Reality

The effects in the Holo app are quite realistic and with perfect angle and lighting conditions, you can capture an awesome picture using this app. The app shows in real time how the effect will look before you take a picture or record a video which is really useful and it saves time so that you don’t have to try out each and every effect individually.


A lot of people get a tattoo these days and a lot of them are constantly thinking about getting one but simply procrastinate it due to the fear of how it will look or whether it might suit them or not. However, with the latest Augmented Reality technology, there is no need to worry anymore because you can now use the InkHunter app to view how a particular tattoo might look once you get it.

Augmented Reality

The app also comes pre installed with a wide range of tattoo collection and you can use your device to focus it on different parts of your body and from different angles to absolutely make sure it looks perfect before you take the next big step. You can also use the InkHunter app to capture the images and share it directly with your friends to get their opinions on what design you should choose.

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If you are someone who is into artistic stuff like drawings and sketches but cannot find the perfect way to draw, then this might be the perfect app for you. SketchAR using Augmented reality to project sketches onto a notebook or a whiteboard. You can either use the pre installed artworks to practice on or capture something you would like to draw.

Augmented Reality

The app will now automatically convert the captured image into a sketch and it will project it wherever you want. You can mark the starting points and the drawing area from within the app and then trace on the newly created sketch to draw your art. You can even resize and reposition the projected imagery until you are comfortable to start sketching.

IKEA Catalog

Most of us spend a lot of time researching numerous websites online and visiting a countless number of shops personally before we make a final decision and buy a furniture for our house. This process is extremely tedious and even if you have the perfect measurements and size with you, sometimes the furniture might not fit exactly as you expect it to be. What if you can see in advance how a particular furniture will look on any place of your house.

Augmented Reality

IKEA Catalog comes with a large collection of furniture and household articles of all kind including essentials for every room in a typical house. You can select the items from the catalog and then place it anywhere on your house to see whether it would fit perfectly in that place. It also provides the users with other useful details like the availability and the price of a particular item.

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Ghost Snap AR

Ghost Snap AR is the only game in this list and it might probably be the only solid Augmented reality based game available right now besides the popular ones like Pokemon GO and Ingress which everyone already knows about. Ghost Snap AR aims at providing a complete experience to its users and you can have a realistic experience if you play the game with your headphones on and lights off.

Augmented Reality

The game uses a combination of effects like a green background on your phone, letters written in blood and it uses the flashlight on your device to illuminate your surroundings. The mission is to scan your surroundings for anything mysterious and then follow the instructions it says till you finally encounter the ghost. Ghost Snap AR is fun to play but it could still use some development to make it more interesting and engaging.

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