Control Android Devices Through Voice Commands: Android Applications

To control Android devices through voice commands turned from luxury to a sheer necessity from the day when wearable android hit the market. Personally, I had been trying new and smarter ways to control my Android devices since I bought my first one.

Lately, the controlling processes of Android devices are changing in an exceedingly fast rate and this new method to control Android devices through voice instructions has all the potential to be the future of it. Now a days, facts are defeating fictions and good old conventional methods are ageing into obsoletes. Voice control is the new cup of tea for the developers, who, everyday, are turning these smart toys into smarter ones.

A pretty recent market research shows that, Android OS powered devices holds 61.9 percent market share in the U.S., 82.7 percent in China and 73.3 percent across the Europe. So, according to this report  that, 7 out of every 10 smartphone owners carry Android devices. This monumental authority of Android OS across this planet is turning its rivals into an accordance. The world just heard the rumour that, Nokia is mothering Android powered Lumia phones

Whatever, let us come to the focal point of this article. I am going to detail two reasonably useful Android applications, which can empower you to control Android devices through voice commands. Lets start,


1. Commandr for Google Now

Commandr add commands to Google now voice search and thankfully, you do not have to root your device for enjoying this application. With it, simply forget everything. Just relish the power within your voice to control Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and music playback. It will also take notes for you. If you have installed any note taking application on your Android device, your voice command will actuate this app through Commandr.

One of the brilliant features it got is that, it can actuate any other application to carry out the tasks that you tell it to do.  Moreover, you can also add customized commands to flip any hardware switch through its ‘tasker’ section.

There are some performance issues as this beautiful app is now in it’s infant stage. I believe that these loose ends will be sterilized in no time. Interestingly, you can suggest and vote on new voice commands for adding them to its available voice command group, through this app. Its developers are really working hard to make this app far more customized for its users. Moreover, a better Gmail integration is in the pipeline.



KLets- Voice Control

You can do it even when you are offline with KLets, another feature rich app to control Android devices through voice instructions. Normally, regular voice controlling or searching app work with a search engine like, google now works with Google search engine. For this, its users need to remain connected to the web through an internet service.

Thankfully, KLets breaks this jinx for Android devices, running on Jelly Bean. Its developers designed this app with the sole commitment that, thi app will offer its users a near zero screen interactions. With English and Italian, it supports some of the most spoken national languages on earth like, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese and more.

KLets can call a contact, send sms or emails, initiate music players, launch an installed app, set alarms and so more upon your voice instructions. Moreover, it can also work with Google navigator or Sygic and add notes to your Evernote account. It also generates reports on the date, time, battery and signal status on your wish.

There are other applications in the same niche and they are offering no less features and I firmly believe that our future smart handhelds will perceive us, mostly, through our voice.

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