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People have been discovering new ways to share information over Internet. Especially Social Media gave wings to individuals to post information whether it be personal or professional over the Internet to let the world know about it. These days, people share information in different ways: text, hyperlinks and multi media such as photos, videos. Lately, a new trend has been emerging across the globe – GIF images. You might have seen people talking about it and sharing GIFs online like never before these days.

As you might already know, GIF is an animated photo format- like a short span video. This format has been there since long time, but gained popularity recently all over as people started to realize it’s potential. GIF images let us to express more effectively and yet very easily. It’s neither a still photo thus creates an effect of watching a playing content nor it’s a video thus requires less memory to store and share. Realizing this, tech companies also started making them popular by producing features and Apps with fun. Apple’s Live Photos, Instagram’s Boomerang, and Twitter’s ScratchReel are a few which gained popularity.

The problem with GIFs comes while editing. There is no full fledged utility or service to edit GIFs easily. If you are facing this problem like may do, then don’t worry, we have a solution – ezGIF. This web service let’s you edit a GIF like a pro.

Features offered by ezGIF

To use it, all you need to do is navigate to their site, select an option on the home screen and upload your GIF (You can upload GIFs either form your computer or using URL). You are good to go now. Here’s what you can do with ezGIF:

  • You can create GIFs using GIF Maker Tool. You can upload 400 files (JPG/PNG/GIF format) without exceeding 5MB each and 30MB total to create a GIF.
  • The best feature is you can perform various editing operations like cropping, resizing etc on GIF using their tools such as GIF Crop Tool, GIF Resize Tool.
  • GIF Optimizer lets you perform some optimizing operations such as Color Reduction– which shrinks your GIF by reducing the number of colors in each frame of your image; Lossy GIF Compression– which lets you compress your GIF image size by 30%-50% at lose of noise, Removing Frames– This reduces file size by dropping frames, if your image is of high frame rate.
  • You can apply some cool effects to your GIF. You can Apply differnet colors like grayscale, monochrome, sepia; or flip it horizontally or vertically, or rotate a GIF by 90 degrees or 270 degrees. You can even enter number of degrees you want to. You can replace color with transparency and you can reverse the animation. There are some filters available which are called as “Instagraph filters”, namely -gotham, lomo, toaster and nashville. You can apply them to apply a cool effect to your GIF image.
  • You can also add a watermark or a logo to your GIF.
  • You can change GIF animation speed to make it faster or slower. The speed changes in terms of percentage. You have to enter a percentage in available drop down. Entering 200% increases speed by 2x, 50% reduces the speed by 2x.
  • You can add text to your GIF image with some nice available fonts.
  • You can even split your GIFs into frames and download them as ZIP format.
  • The site also supports editing of different image formats such as JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIFF.

Final Thoughts

This site is very easy to use platform for all your needs with GIF images for free.The good thing is that the developers of the site are adding features based on suggestions. So, if you got one, do let them know.

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