Best Task Management Apps for Mac

Best Task Management Apps for Mac

It doesn’t matter whether you have a busy or healthy day, you should always write down your tasks so that you can concentrate on those things no matter what. If you can write down all the tasks, your brain and mind will automatically concentrate on those tasks, and eventually, you can complete them on time.

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Best Firewall Software for Windows

Best Firewall Software for Windows and Mac to Protect Computer

When you need more flexibility and advanced way to block and allow particular incoming and outgoing connection on your computer, here is what you need to have. Check out this article, where you can find best firewall software for Windows and Mac so that you can protect your computer from unnecessary connections. There are many

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Best Ways to Monitor App Bandwidth Usage on Mac

Best Ways to Monitor App Bandwidth Usage on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

If you are using limited bandwidth internet connection, you should know where you are spending your bandwidth or which app is consuming more bandwidth on your system. There are two different ways to monitor app bandwidth usage on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Here is everything you need to know about that. In this article,

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Driver Genius Best System Maintenance Apps for Windows and Mac

Best System Maintenance Apps for Windows and Mac to Make it Faster

Although Windows and Mac are an entirely different system, one thing is common. You need to keep using a maintenance app continuously to make it faster. From cleaning the app leftovers to clearing browser cache, everything is necessary when you need to make the system faster. Therefore, this article contains some of the best system

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Data Guardian Best Apps to Password Protect File and Folder on Mac

Best Apps to Password Protect File and Folder on Mac

If you are concerned about your security, you might need various apps in different situations. For example, you can password protect files, store password in a secure location using different apps, and so on. In case you want to encrypt your confidential files and folders on Mac, here are some simple apps to password protect

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How To Download Files To Google Drive On Mac And Windows

Mac and Windows are the most popular operating systems for any user. Although there is a never ending war between Mac and Windows according to some people, they love both because both of the operating systems are useful in their track. Besides that, let’s assume that you are an avid Google Drive user and want

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9 Best Dashboard Widgets for Mac

As a Mac user, do you use dashboard widgets? If not, you’re really missing out. Dashboard widgets are so much more convenient than apps; they use up less RAM, yet can be just as powerful. Many Mac users don’t see a point in the dashboard; it’s definitely not for everyone. However, if you want to keep

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GIPHY Capture How to Create GIF Image on Mac Best Apps to Make GIF

How to Create GIF Image on Mac | Best Apps to Make GIF

Nowadays, one thing has got a huge growth and that is GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Generally, GIF image is such an image that is something like a very small video clip. However, it comes with a .gif extension and it cannot be opened using Photo Booth or Photos for Mac. On the

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Add Widgets in Notifications Hidden Features of macOS SierraAdd Widgets in Notifications Hidden Features of macOS Sierra

7 Hidden Features of macOS Sierra That You Need to Know

If someone needs a more stable operating system that can provide better features than other available operating systems out there, Mac may come to your mind at first attempt. This is because of having so many great features included in a great device. There are different types of users available in this world. For example,

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Pen Drive connected to Mac

Failed to Copy Files to Pen Drive on Mac: How to Fix

Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the best operating systems out there, which is being used by every type of person including businessman, student, designers, developers etc. However, sometimes, you may get some problems. For example, you can not be able to copy files to pen drive on Mac. Not only copy, it can prevent you

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Siri on Mac

9 Things You Can Ask Siri on macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra is one of the best OS X versions since it comes with loads of new features including Siri. For those, who don’t know about Siri, it is a digital/voice command based assistant, what helps users to do basic tasks without touching the computer. For example, you want to make a file search. Therefore,

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How to Arrange Applications on macOS by Categories?

If you are a person, who sits in front of your Mac all day, chances are your app folder is a clumsy one. You have so many apps there that you need to spend at least two minutes to find the required one from the list. As the number of applications increases, you have to

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Improve MacBook Battery Life

How to Improve MacBook Battery Life within 3 Minutes

MacBook is a very powerful device being designed by Apple, which comes with lots of improvements in every year. Over the past few years, Apple has been trying to improve the battery life of MacBook and they somehow are successful since a MacBook can provide up to 12 hours of battery backup, which is almost

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Retry Installation, We are unable to reach Adobe Servers while Installing Photoshop

When it comes to editing photo, and giving it a professional touch, Photoshop knocks the attention every time. It doesn’t matter whether you need to edit a little bit or create a whole new level of photo editing, you can certainly utilize Photoshop. However, for installing Photoshop, you need to take the help of Adobe

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Weather app for Mac

Top 5 Weather Apps for Mac – Free and Paid

Undoubtedly, Mac is one of the best platforms for any people including student, office employee, web designers, etc. Nowadays, people use the computer for different purposes. For example, many people use a computer to build a better website. When many use the computer for gaming and watching movies. Having said that, if you want to

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