Top 5 Upcoming Features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

This is needless to say that Windows 10 is one of the best inventions of Microsoft, which is being used by millions of people. People have upgraded to Windows because of many reasons. Software availability, user interface, features, tools etc. are few of them. Every type of computer user can adopt Windows 10 as this is very easy to use and the performance is much better than earlier versions.

Unlike other older versions, this time Microsoft has been launching Insider Preview to the Insiders so that they can use this operating system, provide feedback and let Microsoft build a better OS. Microsoft generally include couple of features in every Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. But, most of the features of the latest Build is unavailable for the stable version users.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to launch an update called Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will come with all the latest features those are trending on Windows 10Insider Preview. Although, they haven’t confirmed the release date but it seems it would middle of July or last week of June. So, if you are using Windows 10 and want to update your computer to that Anniversary Update, you should know about the upcoming features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Although, Microsoft is going to include a lot of awesome features but here are only five of them those are going to grab your attention at first attempt.

Top 5 Upcoming Features of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Set Lock Screen Background in Sign-in Screen

Previously, it was possible to change the background image of lock screen. However, over the time, Microsoft has changed the way of computing. Therefore, now, you can set lock screen background image on sign-in screen. This feature has been rolled out in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291. Therefore, if you are using that edition, you can get this feature right now. Otherwise, you will have to wait for few more days to get it on your stable version of Windows through Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Bash on Windows

This is probably the best update for Microsoft Windows 10 users. Those, who also use Linux or Mac, may know that Bash is a Unix Shell and Command language, which is being used for different purposes. Just like Windows Commands, you will get Bash command on Windows as well. Currently, this feature is not available like other commands. That means, you will have to enable Bash in Windows 10 before getting the taste. You can get more information on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows from here.

Night Mode

This is yet another update that is coming soon to Windows 10 with Anniversary Update. Previously, Windows 10 or all Windows editions have only one mode. That is normal or Light Mode. That implies, if you have a low light area, you will certainly get some problems and eye strain until or unless you use a tool like F.Lux. Therefore, to solve this problem, Microsoft is going to include a new mode call Night Mode. It does what is says. That means, you will get night mode aka inverse color (black and white). To enable Dark mode on Windows 10, at first press Win + I, go to PERSONALIZATION, select Colors and choose Dark Mode.

Edge Extensions

This is one of the best and most awaited updates. As of now, this is not possible to install extension in Microsoft Edge as there is no such this available for it. However, Microsoft is testing Edge extensions through the Insider Preview. Some builds have already got this feature but the stable version will get the same in Anniversary Update. For more information, you can check this article.

Show Window in All Virtual Desktops

This is small yet very useful feature of Windows 10 that is coming soon. Suppose, you want to pin a window in all virtual desktops. Earlier, it was not possible. However, with the upcoming updates, you can easily show a particular window in all opened virtual desktops. At the same time, this is also possible to pin a particular app’s windows in all virtual desktops. For more information, do check out this article.

As said before, there are more other features available in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Just wait and install it once you get it.

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